IBM PS/2 Model 95 Case Conversion

Content by Marijn Kentie (original HERE). Edited by Major Tom.
Created: 17 Aug 2006, Modified: 01 Apr 2021

The end result

I really like the look and sturdiness of the old PS/2 machines and they even have nostalgic value to me: my first machine was a 10MHz PS/2. However, they're getting real long in the tooth. The fastest PS/2 made had a Pentium 150 processor, and as with so many other machines I've gathered over the years I realized I didn't actually have any use for mine at all. Well, how about keeping the looks but doing away with the slow innards? I decided to convert a Model 95 case so it could hold normal ATX PC parts while keeping it as faithful to the original looks and functionality as possible!

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Louis F. Ohland, Peter H. Wendt, David L. Beem, William R. Walsh, Tatsuo Sunagawa, Tomáš Slavotínek, Jim Shorney, Tim N. Clarke, Kevin Bowling, and many others.

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