LaserMaster LXMK

@611B.ADF LaserMaster Controller

LX6 Professional Files

LXMK Printer Controller

J1 DB25 Male
RAM1-6 30 pin SIMM
U9 Painted chip
U17 Painted Chip
U21 AMD 7202A-50PC
U24-26 NS DS75176BN
Y1 60.000000 MHz osc
Y2 44.731500 MHz osc

RAM 1-6 are possibly non-parity? There are only two chips on each SIMM, Hitachi HM514400AS7

MIO Card ?

J1 HP port
J2 DB25 Female
JP1-4 Unk
P1 DE9 Male
U11 PR4-636-003
U15 Motorola MC68HC11AOFN
X1 8.0000 MHz xtal

AdapterId 611B LaserMaster Controller

I/O Address Assignment
    <"280H" (0280-028F)>, 180H (0180-018F)

Interrupt Level Assignment
   <"Level 3">, 4, 7, 9

Ed. I wonder if this adapter can share interrupts. Look for a "*" when configuring.

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