IBM PS/2 (Model 30) - Technical Specifications

IBM Personal System/2 Model 30

General information
Machine type: 8530
Announce date: April 2, 1987

Excerpt from the original announcement letter;

"The IBM 8530, Personal System/2 Model 30 is a new general-purpose computer system which provides enhanced function beyond that established by the IBM PC and PC XT*, especially in display graphics, at lower prices to the customer. This system includes as standard, many newly integrated features such as a graphics adapter and parallel port. It also allows for the attachment of many existing PC option cards for further expansion. The Personal System/2 Model 30 is available in two versions, 8530-002 with two 3.5 inch (720KB) diskette drives, and 8530-021 with a 20 megabyte fixed disk and a single diskette drive. All models have 640KB RAM, standard."

System Characteristics
Microprocessor: Intel 8086 (16 bit)
Clock speed: 8 MHz, zero wait states
Coprocessor: socket for optional i8087 math coprocessor
Type of BUS: 8-bit
Total number of expansion slots: 3
Ports: PS/2 keyboard, PS/2 mouse, serial, parallel, video

Min/Max on system board: 640kb
Type of memory:
RAM: DRAM (MMK) 100-150ns w. parity.
ROM: 40 or 64kb w. MS BASIC-80
Cache: n/a

Physical description
Power supply: 70w with internal sensing, for worldwide usage
Weight: 8 kg (17.5 lbs)
Dimensions (HxWxD): (102 x 406 x 397mm)

Mass storage
Drive bays: 2 3.5" half-height
Floppy Disk
Size: 3.5 inch half-height
Capacity: 720KB
Hard disk
Size: 3.5 inch half-height
Capacity: Optional 20MB 80ms or 30MB 39ms
Access time:
Interface: ST-506 PS/2 model 25/30 connector

Size: Optional 12" (8503) or 19" (8506) mono, 14" (8512) or 16" (8514) colour
Display type: Analog CRT
Graphics modes supported: Integrated MCGA Display adapter

64K multiport RAM for displays
CGA compatible (31.5KHz double scanned)
New modes: (31.5KHz)
- 40 by 25 by 16 colours - text (8 X 16 character box)
- 80 by 25 by 16 colours - text (8 X 16 character box)
- 320 by 200 by 256 colours - all points addressable
- 640 by 480 by 2 colours - all points addressable
Palette of 262,144 colours
- Analog drive to internal display
- 70Hz refresh rate in all but 640 by 480 mode
- 60Hz refresh rate for 640 by 480 mode
- Not compatible with digital displays
- Loadable character font capability (512 characters in text modes)
- Colour summing to 64 gray shades in BIOS for monochrome display

Type: Space Saving Keyboard or 101 key enhanced

Operating system: IBM PC DOS Versions 3.30 and later

Various memory, diskette drive, hard drive, monitor, and keyboard configurations including;
8530-002 - System unit 640kb, two diskette drives, keyboard.
8530-021 - System unit 640kb, one diskette drive, one 20MB fixed disk, keyboard.

Personal System/2 8087 Math Co-Processor (#1501217)
Personal System/2 Speech Adapter (#1501216)
PC Network Adapter II (#1501220)
PC Network Baseband Adapter (#1501221)
IBM 2MB Expanded Memory Adapter (#2685193)
Personal System/2 Display Adapter (#1887744)
General Purpose Interface Bus Cable (#63X4882)
PC Network Baseband Extender (#6134339)
InfoWindow Enhanced Graphics Adapter (#56X2412)
IBM Token-Ring Network PC Adapter Diskette (3.5 inch) (#67X0410)
Personal System/2 5.25 Inch External Diskette Drive Adapter
Personal System/2 Mouse (#6450350)
IBM 3363 Optical Disk Drive (#63X4131, 63X4166)
IBM Proprinter (#87X9787)
Personal System/2 5.25 Inch External Diskette Drive (#4869001)
IBM Quietwriter(R) II Printer (#1318200)
Personal System/2 Data Migration Facility (#1501224)
Plus many more IBM and 3rd party adapter cards...

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