Resound 2 OPL3 MCA

@70D7.ADF Resound 2 OPL3 MCA [Same as Plaid Bib]

AdLib Sound Driver [SOUND.COM versions 1.3, 1.5, 1.51]
Adlib Jukebox ver 1.63 [looking at it, seems to be Jukebox application]

Programming the AdLib/Sound Blaster FM Music Chips Version 2.0 (24 Feb 1992)
Programmer's Guide to Yamaha YMF 262/OPL3 FM Music Synth Ver 1.00 Nov-24-1994
The Ad Lib Music Synthesizer Card Programming Guide by Tero Töttö
Yamaha OPL-3 research [from development of compatible chip]
Adlib User's Guide [ISA version]

TexElec Resound 2 OPL3 MCA Adlib Card [SKU: TETERESND2OPL3MCA]
Plaid Bib [original Ad Lib MCA Clone]

Note: We do NOT sell these! If you have questions, please contact the fine folks at TexElec or the Plaid Bib folks.

Note: This card provides FM synthesis capabilities only (via OPL3). It doesn't support digital audio playback.

Resound 2 OPL3 MCA

CHIPS P82C611 MCA interface
Yamaha YMF262 OPL3

Missing Audio Sum Pins

This version seems to lack the MCA contacts B01 and B02 — Audio Ground and Audio.

This is NOT a problem unless you want to use the internal speaker. If you are using headphones or external speakers you won't notice it.

MCA Bus Interface P82C611 vs CPLD

This card uses the P82C611 bus interface chip and will not work with faster MCA systems. For a more widely-compatible version, use the Plaid Bib CPLD version.

YM3812 vs YMF262

The YM3812 FM synthesis chip has minimum timings that are somewhat too slow. For example, the read pulse width minimum spec is 200 ns. The 82C611 generates the read pulse based on the MCA CMD signal, which asserts for only part of the default transfer cycle. A fast machine like the model 90 has a default transfer cycle time of 200 ns, so CMD is low for only about 90 ns. This is too short to properly read from the FM chip, meaning that Ad Lib auto detect functions will fail to see the card.

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