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   Vintage MIDI: Roland MT-32, Roland SC-55, HardMPU, and an Xi 8088
   PS2-TTL Serial Adapter for RC2014 and MIDI

Roland MT-32 Service Notes 1st ed.
Roland MT-32 Service Notes 3rd ed.

Ultimate Roland MT-32 Tutorial (Phil's Computer Lab)

Serial Port Controller, HITR Page 235 physical (Oct 1990)

Serial controller Types 

  • Type 1 appears identical to the serial portion of the IBM PC AT Serial/Parallel Adapter.
  • Type 2 incorporates all functions of Type 1 and also supports FIFO mode.
  • Type 3 incorporates all functions of Type 2 and provides DMA mode.
  • Type 4 incorporates all functions of Type 3 and provides additional I/O addresses.

Note: Some systems using the Type 2 controller do not support the FIFO mode. For information about individual systems refer to the system-specific technical reference manuals.

Note: Do not exceed 19.2K Baud with Type 1 and Type 2 Serial Controllers. In short, older PS/2s can't reach the serial Baud rate needed [parallel is something else].

31,250 baud directly supported on Types 3 and 4 using the High Frequency Mode, divisor of 22 [decimal]. Percentage of error Difference between Desired and Actual 0.538

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