Sigma Data IDE

@6405.ADF Sigma Data IDE Adapter Driver diskette that shipped with the QED/68-XXXX (orig)

All hail William Walsh for pulling this adapter out of obscurity!

Sigma Data QED/68 IDE Adapter

I'm not bothering with the component IDs on this- they're all PALs or simple logic chips.

I'll guess that this is a REAL simple-dimple IDE controller with a burnt-in drive table (like the one on the IBM MCA IDE adapter)

Went through the add a bit- it has LBA in it. I'll have to install this card and an IDE drive to see fer sure...

AdapterID 06405h IDE Controller for Model 60 & 80

Controller IO Address
   Selects the IO address space of the adapter. 
     < IO Base 001f0 - 001ff>, 041f0 - 041ff, 081f0 - 081ff, 0c1f0 - 0c1ff 

Interrupt Level
   Selects the Interrupt Level for the adapter 
     <Interrupt 14>,  15, 10, 11

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