SIT - Recognized Machines

Information extracted from the SIT executable (ver. 1.10) by Major Tom. All errors are left uncorrected.

BIOS Rev.Planar
# of
F8h00h02FDFFhIBM PS/2 Model808038616 MHz803878
F8h01h00FDFFhIBM PS/2 Model 808038620 MHz803878
F8h02h010h0IBM 5571 S Model8038616 MHz803873
F8h04h03DFFFhIBM PS/2 Model 708038620 MHz803873
F8h04h44F3FFhIBM PS/2 Model 708038620 MHz803873
F8h06h000IBM 5571 T Model8038620 MHz803873
F8h07h000IBM 5551 T0A/T0B8038620 MHz803873
F8h07h110IBM 5551 T098038620 MHz803873
F8h07h220IBM 5551 T0A/T0B8038620 MHz803873
F8h07h330IBM 5551 T098038620 MHz803873
F8h09h04DFFFhIBM PS/2 Model 708038616 MHz803873
F8h09h04F3FFhIBM PS/2 Model 708038616 MHz803873
F8h0Ah010IBM 5551 S098038616 MHz803873
F8h0Bh020IBM PS/2 Model P708038620 MHz803871
F8h0Ch01FBFFhIBM PS/2 Model 55SX80386SX16 MHz80387SX3
F8h0Dh01DFFFhIBM PS/2 Model 708038625 MHz803873
F8h0Dh01F9FFhIBM PS/2 Model 708038625 MHz803873
F8h0Eh020h0IBM PS/1 486SX80486SX20 MHz80487SX0
F8h0Fh020h0IBM PS/1 486DX8048633 MHz80486DX0
F8h11h02FF6FhIBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 4868048625 MHz80486DX4
F8h12h00FF9FhIBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 3868038620 MHz803878
F8h13h02FF6FhIBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 4868048633 MHz80486DX4
F8h14h02FF9FhIBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 4868048625 MHz80486DX8
F8h15h00FF6FhIBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 3868038620 MHz803874
F8h16h02FF9FhIBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 4868048633 MHz80486DX8
F8h17h00FF6FhIBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 3868038620 MHz803874
F8h19h00Fh0IBM PS/2 Model 35LS/40SX80386SX20 MHz80387SX0
F8h19h10h20h0IBM PS/2 Model 35LS/40SLC80386SLC20 MHz80387SX0
F8h1Ah020hFF9FhIBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 3868038620 MHz803878
F8h1Bh00DFFFhIBM PS/2 Model 70 4868048625 MHz80486DX3
F8h1Bh00F9FFhIBM PS/2 Model 70 4868048625 MHz80486DX3
F8h1Bh00F3FFhIBM PS/2 Model 70 4868048625 MHz80486DX3
F8h1Ch00E3FFhIBM PS/2 Model 65 SX80386SX16 MHz80387SX8
F8h1Eh00F5FFhIBM PS/2 Model 55 LS80386SX16 MHz80387SX3
F8h1Fh0FFh0IBM PS/ValuePoint80486080486DX0
F8h20h00FBFFhIBM PS/2 Model 55 SX80386SX16 MHz80387SX3
F8h21h00F3FFhIBM PS/2 Model 708038616 MHz803873
F8h22h00FDFFhIBM PS/2 Model 808038616 MHz803878
F8h23h020h0IBM PS/2 Model L40SX80386SX20 MHz80387SX0
F8h24h0FFh0IBM PS/2 Model 35/4080386SLC25 MHz80387SX0
F8h25h0FFhE2FEhIBM PS/2 Model 57 SLC80386SLC20 MHz80387SX5
F8h25h0FFhE6FEhIBM PS/2 Model 56 SLC80386SLC20 MHz803873
F8h26h0FFhE2FEhIBM PS/2 Model 57 SX80386SX20 MHz80387SX5
F8h26h0FFhE6FEhIBM PS/2 Model 56 LS80386SX20 MHz80387SX3
F8h28h0FFhFF9FhIBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 4868048650 MHz80486DX8
F8h29h0FFhFF6FhIBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 4868048650 MHz80486DX4
F8h2Ah1FFhFF9FhIBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 4868048650 MHz80486DX8
F8h2Bh1FFhFF6FhIBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 4868048650 MHz80486DX4
F8h2Ch0FFhFF9FhIBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 48680486SX20 MHzNone8
F8h2Dh0FFhFF6FhIBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 48680486SX20 MHzNone4
F8h2Eh0FFhFF9FhIBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 48780487SX20 MHz80487SX8
F8h2Fh0FFhFF6FhIBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 48780487SX20 MHz80487SX4
F8h30h0FFh0IBM PS/1 386SX80386SX16 MHz80387SX0
F8h33h10hFFh0IBM PS/2 Model 30-386SX80386SX16 MHz80387SX0
F8h34h10hFFh0IBM PS/2 Model 25-386SX80386SX16 MHz80387SX0
F8h36h00FF9FhIBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 48680486DX233/66 MHz80486DX28
F8h37h00FF6FhIBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 48680486DX233/66 MHz80486DX24
F8h38h0FFhE1FEhIBM PS/2 Model 5680486SLC225/50 MHz80387SX3
F8h38h0FFhE0FEhIBM PS/2 Model 5780486SLC225/50 MHz80387SX5
F8h39h0FFhFF6FhIBM PS/2 Model 90 E 4868048650 MHz80486DX4
F8h3Ah0FFhFF6FhIBM PS/2 Model 90 E 48680486DX225/50 MHz80486DX24
F8h3Ah0FFhFF9FhIBM PS/2 Model 95 E 48680486DX225/50 MHz80486DX28
F8h3Bh0FFhFF6FhIBM PS/2 Model 90 E 48680486DX225/50 MHz80486DX24
F8h3Bh0FFhFF9FhIBM PS/2 Model 95 E 48680486DX225/50 MHz80486DX28
F8h3Fh00FF6FhIBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 48680486DX225/50 MHz80486DX24
F8h40h00FF9FhIBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 48680486DX225/50 MHz80486DX28
F8h41h0FFhDEFEhIBM PS/2 Model 7780486DX225/50 MHz80486DX25
F8h41h0FFhDFFEhIBM PS/2 Model 7680486DX225/50 MHz80486DX23
F8h42h0FFhFF9FhIBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 48680486DX233/66 MHz80486DX28
F8h43h0FFhFF6FhIBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 48680486DX233/66 MHz80486DX24
F8h44h0FFhE4FEhIBM PS/2 Model 95 E 48680486DX233/66 MHz80486DX28
F8h45h0FFhFF6FhIBM PS/2 Model 90 XP Pentium(tm)Pentium(tm)0Pentium(tm)4
F8h46h0FFhFF9FhIBM PS/2 Model 95 XP Pentium(tm)Pentium(tm)0Pentium(tm)8
F8h47h0FFhE4FEhIBM PS/2 Model 95 E Pentium(tm)Pentium(tm)0Pentium(tm)8
F8h48h0FFhFFDChIBM PS/2 Model 858048625 MHz80486DX8
F8h49h0FFh0IBM PS/ValuePoint 325T80386SLC25 MHz80387SX0
F8h4Ah0FFh0IBM PS/ValuePoint 425SX80486SX25 MHz80487SX0
F8h4Bh0FFh0IBM PS/ValuePoint 433DX8048633 MHz80486DX0
F8h56h0FFhF1EFhIBM PS/2 Model CL5780386SX16 MHz80387SX4
F8h57h0FFhFF6FhIBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 48680486SX20 MHzNone4
F8h58h0FFhFF9FhIBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 48680486SX20 MHzNone8
F8h59h0FFhFF6FhIBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 48780487SX25 MHz80487SX4
F8h5Ah0FFhFF9FhIBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 48780487SX25 MHz80487SX8
F8h5Bh0FFhFF6FhIBM PS/2 Model 90 XP 48680486SX225/50 MHz80486SX24
F8h5Ch0FFhFF9FhIBM PS/2 Model 95 XP 48680486SX225/50 MHz80486SX28
F8h5Dh0FFhF1FEhIBM PS/2 Model N51SLC80386SLC16 MHz80387SX4
F8h5Eh0FFhF1EChIBM PS/2 Thinkpad 700C80386SLC25 MHz80387SX2
F8h5Eh0FFhF1EBhIBM PS/2 Thinkpad 700C80386SLC25 MHz80387SX2
F8h5Eh0FFhF1EAhIBM PS/2 Thinkpad 70080386SLC25 MHz80387SX2
F8h5Eh0FFhF1EEhIBM PS/2 Thinkpad 70080386SLC25 MHz80387SX2
F8h80h12FFF9hIBM PS/2 Model 808038625 MHz803878
F8h81h000IBM 5502 TFA/TFB8038620 MHz803873
F8h99h0FFhF1FEhIBM PS/2 Model N51SX80386SX16 MHz80387SX4

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