ActionMedia Evolution

Prototype Delivery and Capture Boards (82750PA/DA?)
ActionMedia Delivery Board and Capture Board (82750PA/DA)
ActionMedia 2 Delivery Board and Capture Option (82750PB/DB)

ActionMedia Evolution

Thanks to Lorenzo Mollicone, I was able to get evidence of the ActionMedia Prototype and the release version of the original ActionMedia. The images are not of uniform quality, and I cannot do a good job of component ID. The AM boards use a connector similar to that used on the Video Capture Adapter/A HERE and MAYBE the same pinout...

ActionMedia Prototype Delivery Board

Looks like J1 is for a SCSI controller. It is the 50 pin header at upper right edge, with the resistor network below it. The 60 pin header (J2) in the center connects to the AM Prototype Capture Board below. Most likely card to card communications. Looks like one of the half-can oscillators was removed, see the solder tail sockets? See the AVE connector used to pick up Base Video?

ActionMedia Prototype Capture Board

I don't have any pics of the connectors on the brackets, so if this is a DE9 or HDD15, I can't tell. Notice the 1/8 inch audio jack at the lower right. See the three sets of six pin headers towards the right side? See the three pin header to the left of the blue video port? My guess it is similar to E1 on the AM2, and is used to choose digital keying over the AVE on the Delivery card, or Analog keying, via a video cable attached to the video connector...

Notice the pair of CS5014-KP1A at upper left corner? Full can oscillator shows a date of 9010. U52 is 12.44755 MHz (inking indistinct)

ActionMedia Delivery Board

You can see the 82750PA and 82750DA. J1 (50 pin header) is now at top dead center. J2 (60 pin header) is right below it. Pair of Bt RAMDACs. I think the date code on the 82750PA is 9044. U18 25.0000 MHz, U27 14.3181 MHz, U47 33.868 ? damaged osc...

ActionMedia 2 Delivery Card w/ Capture Option

ActionMedia 2 Capture Option (CS2) dated 4791

Grabbed this pic from Lorenzo Mollicone and it verifies my suspicions about X1 and X2. They are SMD xtals. X1 is FPX17.7 and X2 is FPX14.3 Please note that FPX040 is at the lower right corner of the socketed PLCC. All versions of the PLCC are © 91, 514536 -006.

4791 - X1, X2 SMD crystal, four solder pads per xtal.
1292 - X1, X2 radial lead cans, four solder pads per xtal. Case not soldered to solder pads by edge of PCB. X1 signal leads doglegged to solder pads.
1194 - X1, X2 xtals same locations, but no solder pads for xtals. Both signal leads stick straight out to through holes. Each xtal case is fastened by a single pin to a through hole.

FPX Case and Side

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