ActionMedia/2 Configuration Utility

Configuration Menu

"Set adapter settings" is unavailable on MCA.

Display Menu

The 4 pin DIN auxiliary connector [S-VHS or Y-C] always shows the current AM/II video output in the currently selected video standard. I found it a challenge to use OS/2, because only the resolution and colors are shown, but NOT the refresh rate.

Note: If you use the XGA-2 under Warp or OS/2, refer to these DMQS screen resolutions on Peter's site in order to identify combinations that will use the correct resolution and refresh rates.

System Monitor

Supported Resolutions: [Base Video]

  640 x 480 (60Hz)   Normal 640x480 interlaced    VGA / XGA1 / XGA2
  640 x 480 (72Hz)   VESA 640x480 non-interlaced      VGA / XGA2?
  640 x 480 (75Hz)   IBM 640x480 non-interlaced             XGA2
 1024 x 768 (43.5Hz) High res 1024x768 interlaced  XGA1 w/1MB, XGA2

DVI Monitor

Supported Resolutions: [AM/2 video cable output connector]

  NTSC               US TV standard. (Never The Same Color?)
  PAL                European TV standard.
  640 x 480 (60Hz)   Normal 640x480 interlaced resolution display.
  640 x 480 (72Hz)   VESA 640x480 non-interlaced resolution display.
  640 x 480 (75Hz)   IBM 640x480 non-interlaced resolution display.
 1024 x 768 (43.5Hz) High res 1024x768 interlaced resolution display.

NTSC and PAL are for TV, VCR, or studio monitors.

Display Alignment

This adjusts position of AM/II video output with respect to Base Video (VGA or XGA) output.

  • Horizontal: Negative moves AM/II output left, positive moves it right.
  • Vertical: Negative moves AM/II output up, positive moves it down.

Attach Video Source to ActionMedia/2 (FlexCam example)

Plug the S-VHS cable into the FlexCam, the other end to the S-VHS to YC adapter (use FRU 69F9736 from ebay), plug the S-VHS to YC adapter into the 8 pin DIN video cable (red wire to red wire, green wire to green wire), video cable into 8 pin DIN receptacle on AM/2. Don't try using the S-VHS receptacle on the AM/2 for any video input, it's an output...

OS/2 sucks trying to find out the refresh rates, so I used my LCD to find that in this configuration, 640x480x64k is at 72.9Hz, so I used the 640x480 72Hz VESA screen setting. I used the Composite video, I think, instead of YC. For XGA-2 users, check the DMQS screen resolutions HERE to see if the monitor.resolution/colors/refresh are supported by the AM/2. OS/2 does not show refresh... Why, I don't know.

Some contrast problems, but it does work. For the capture application "Stills Capture" window size, use Alt-F10 to make the window full sized. To size the capture window to match the video source, click on the left upper corner of the Capture utility window. Choose "Natural Size" and it will resize the window to match the video source.

Audio Settings Menu

  • Default volumes for each stereo playback channels (0% to 100%)
  • Signal level of any audio input device (microphone or CD player).

Capture Settings Menu

Video capture source

None               No capture source
Composite          VCR/camera, 4-pin DIN
YC    S-VIDEO      VCRs/cameras
RGB, sync on green Vidcams/cards (3 BNC)
RGB, separate sync Vidcams/cards (5 BNC)

Video Standard

When you select the capture source, you must tell AM/II what video standard is being used.

  • PAL: A common TV standard used in Europe
  • NTSC: A common TV standard used in the US

Ed. 4-pin DIN or "composite input 1" is the connector next to the HDD15.

Whichever capture source you select, you must also specify the video standard being output by the capture source, using the Video Standard options, and whether or not is a video tape player (VCR), using the  Device Type options.

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