Person To Person (P2P)

Project DIANE Videoconferencing Consortium
IBM Hursley (changed, directory not available)
The Chuck Grandgent Homepage   (Ham radio as well...)
   Project DIANE, a project using PictureTel desktop videoconferencing systems and P2P 
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ActionMedia/2 Adapter

P2P Win3.1x 1/3
P2P Win3.1x 2/3
P2P Win3.1x 3/3
P2P Readme

Person to Person Tips 
      Tips and Hints file (in ASCII) for P2P/2 v1.xx and P2P/Windows v1.xx.

      Person to Person API Introduction. A high level overview of the IBM Person to Person architecture and future API.

      Person to Person file Transfer for Warp.

      Postscript file: "An Application Programming Interface for Collaborative Working", presented at the 4th IEE Conference on Telecommunications, Manchester, April 1993.

      PostScript file: "Connection Management in a Lakes Environment", given at the SPIE Conference on "High Speed Networking and Multimedia Computing", San Jose, February 1994.

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