@80fc.adf STB PowerGraph MC VGA Adapter / Ergo/MC Single port ERGO-VGA/MC Utilities (with latest ADF file) ERGO-MCX OS/2 2.1 Drivers


P1 HDD15 video connector
U6 STB 250-0012-001
U14,19 ERGO/MC 1.1
U20 ICS2494N
U21 Tseng Labs ET4000AX
U30 SC11483CV
U22-29 MB81C4256A-70P
Y1 14.31818 MHz xtal

AdapterId 80FC STB PowerGraph MC VGA Adapter (single port)

The IO addresses shown below are dummies to cause the Automatic Configuration to assign unique (hopefully sequential) board numbers to each board. The board actually uses addresses 3C0-3DF just like a regular VGA.

Board number
   This allows support for multiple boards to be installed in your system. Each STB video board must have a unique board number assigned to it. Board numbers must be assigned sequentially starting at BOARD 1. The Video BIOS for all boards is accessed only from BOARD 1."
   <Choice "1" (io 03C0h-03C0h,  mem C0000-C7F0F,  C2000-C23FF, C4000-C43FF, C6000-C63FF)>, 2 (io 03C1-03C1, mem C7F10-C7F1F,, C2400-0C27FF, C4400-C47FF, C6400-C67FF), 3 (io 03C2-03C2, mem C7F20-C7F2F, C2800-C2BFF, C4800-C4BFF, C6800-C6BFF), 4 (io 03C3-03C3,  mem C7F30-C7F3F, C2C00-C2FFF, C4C00-C4FFF, C6C00-C6FFF), 5 (io 03C4-03C4, mem C7F40-C7F4F, C3000-C33FF, C5000-C53FF, C7000-C73FF), 6 (io 03C5-03C5, mem C7F50-C7F5F, C3400-C37FF, C5400-C57FF, C7400-C77FF), 7 (io 03C6-03C6, mem C7F60-C7F6F, C3800-C3BFF, C5800-C5BFF, C7800-C7BFF), 8 (io 03C7-03C7, mem C7F70-C7FFF, C3C00-C3FFF, C5C00-C5FFF, C7C00-C7FFF

Clock frequency group select
Selects one of two possible video frequency sets, Normal for most monitors, Ergonomic for high refresh ergonomic monitors (*** Danger ---> Ergonomic frequencies can do permanent damage to some monitors. Consult manual. ***)
   <Choice "Normal  ">, Ergonomic

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