XGA Memory

MSM514262 Datasheet

The XGA specification supports 4 MB of video memory. (Doesn't mean the actual implementation supports it though...)

MSM514262 Pinout

Pin Name         Function
A0 - A8          Address Input
RAS              Row Address Strobe
CAS              Column Address Strobe
DT/OE            Transfer/Output Enable
WB/WE            Mask/Write Enable
DSF              Special Function Input
W1/IO1 - W4/IO4  RAM Inputs/Outputs
SC               Serial Clock
SE               SAM Port Enable
SIO1 - SIO4      SAM Inputs/Ourputs
QSF              Special Function Output
VCC              Power Supply (5 V)
Vss              Ground (0 V)
NC               No Connection

MSM514262 Block Diagram

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