8560 Planar

rf5060a.exe Model 50/60 Reference Disk v1.08 (zipped image)

187-050 IBM Personal System/2 Model 60 (8560-041 and 8560-071)

Microelectronics Packaging Handbook - Model 60 packaging (pages 1060-1068 physical)

8560 Planar
System Firmware
   ROM Images


8560-041 - 1MB RAM, 44MB ST506, ST506 Adapter/A
8560-071 - 1MB RAM, 70MB ESDI, ESDI Adapter/A

8560 Planar FRU P/N 72X8538, P/N 90X9159 or 90X8434 [P] [P]

F1 5MF 3 A/250 V KB/mouse fuse
J1 Floppy connector
J2 Keyboard port
J3 Power supply connector
J4 Mouse port
J6 Parallel port
J7 DB25 serial port
J9 HDD15 video connector
J10 72X8287(ESD) VGA controller
J14 Battery/Speaker connector
J18,19,22,24,28-30 16-bit MCA slot
J21 16-bit MCA slot w/ AVE
J25 72X7377(ESD) DMA controller
OS1 1.8432 MHz osc
OS2 28.322 MHz osc
OS3 25.175 MHz osc
OS4 32.0 MHz osc
Q1 TIP120 1.7 V/5 A for 72X7385
Y1 32.768 kHz xtal (RTC)
Y2 14.31818 MHz osc
Y3 40.0 MHz osc
ZM5 µPD446C-15L 2Kx8 SRAM (NVRAM)
ZM6 Motorola MC146818A RTC/CMOS
ZM15 P8742AH KBC
ZM33 NEC µPD765AC Floppy controller
ZM35 72X8299 I/O controller
   TI TMS4464FML 64Kx4 DRAM
ZM43-46 30-pin SIMM sockets
ZM55,56 N8259A-2 PIC (cascade)
ZM61 NS16550V UART
ZM70 72X7385 Bus controller
ZM87 Inmos IMSG171S-35 RAMDAC
ZM101 90X6816
ZM111 90X6817
ZM116 90X6815
ZM118 90X6818
ZM128 286-10 CPU
ZM129 LM386 Audio op-amp (PC Speaker)
ZM134 287 Math co-pro socket
? 2x3 solder pads (original pos. of J14?)

Uses a 4-layer PCB with 4 signal and 2 power layers.

System Firmware (POST & BIOS)

Firmware stored in EPROM.

ROM Images

All ROMs are 27256 (ZM101 / ZM111 / ZM116 / ZM118).

90X6816 / 90X6817 / 90X6815 / 90X6818 - 13 Feb 1987, rev. 0
90X7423 / 90X7426 / 90X7420 / 90X7429 - same contents as above

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