8580 Type 1 Planar

16 MHz, -041 & 071 Models

rf7080a.exe Model 70/80 Reference Disk v1.12 (zipped image)

187-051 IBM Personal System/2 Model 80 (8580-041/071)

Planar Memory
Power Supply

Type 1 Planar
System Firmware
   ROM Images



-041: 386-16, 1 MB RAM, 44 MB hardfile, 1.44 MB
-071: 386-16, 1 MB RAM, 70 MB hardfile, 1.44 MB

Memory Sizes

System Board 16 MHz (8580-041, 071) 33F8416
1 MB 80 ns Memory Kit 72X6670 or 6450375

A list of 2 MB numbers:
92F9391, 90X8993, 90X7391, 6450372, 6450379, 90X9391, 15F6825, 92F0664 (?)

Type 1 Planar 16 MHz, FRU P/N 33F8416, P/N 72X7492 [P] [P]

? 2x26 solder pads (spare?)
CR8 LM340T5 7805 5V reg. (incl. SCP)
J1,2,4 32-bit MCA slot w/ MME
J3,5,7,8 16-bit MCA slot
J6 16-bit MCA slot w/ AVE
J9 HDD15 video connector
J10 DB25 serial port
J11 Parallel port
J12 Mouse port
J13 Keyboard port
J14 Power supply connector
J15,16 Memory expansion connectors
J17 Floppy connector
J18 Battery/Speaker connector
SW1 2x8 solder pads (?)
TD1 PE-21978 delay line
TD2 PE-21785 150 ns delay line
TD3 PE-21782 75 ns delay line
U11 LM386 Audio op-amp (PC Speaker)?
U12 387DX Math Co-pro socket
U13 intel 386DX-16 CPU
U18 72X7377 DMA controller
U52 72X7550 ROM BIOS Even #1
U53 72X7553 ROM BIOS Odd #1
U54 72X7556 ROM BIOS Even #2
U55 72X7559 ROM BIOS Odd #2
U60 14.31818 MHz osc (slots, IO)
U66 Inmos IMSG171S-35 RAMDAC
U72 72X8287ESD VGA
U93 25.175 MHz osc (VGA)
U100 28.322 MHz osc (VGA)
   OKI M41464-12 64Kx4 DRAM (video)
U112 72X8299 IO controller
U148 NS16550V UART
U161 NEC µPD72065L Floppy controller
U164 1.8432 MHz osc (UART)
U174,180 N8259A-2 PIC (cascade)
U186 Hitachi HM6116LFP-3
   NEC µPD446G-20L? 2Kx8 SRAM (NVRAM)
U187 Motorola MC146818A RTC
U188 P8042AH 90X9052 K/B controller
Y2 32.768 kHz xtal ? (RTC)

System Firmware (POST & BIOS)

Firmware stored in EPROM.

ROM Images

72X7550 / 72X7553 / 72X7556 / 72X7559 - 30 Mar 1987, rev. 0, 4x 27C256 (U52 / U53 / U54 / U55)
90X8548 / 90X8549 / 90X8550 / 90X8551 - same contents as above

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