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> I'm a newbie in AIX. I installed the floppies TCP/IP. Then I use "devices" in order to add my token ring card and the computer says "there are no usable ports" or something like that.

Rick Ekblaw says:
   I have the AIX TCP/IP User's Guide, both SC23-2309-01 (AIX 1.2) and SC23-2309-00 (AIX 1.2.1).  According to the -00 book, you need to add at least one "pty" device (devices - add - ptydev - ttyn - <ENTER>).  This will add a pty device called ttyn0.  Press F3 to exit the devices command, then invoke "sync;sync;sync;/etc/reboot" to reboot the system so that your new pty device is enabled. (Ed. Why not just run "reboot" which automatically syncs the disks anyways?)

   Now you need to edit either /etc/rc.tcpip or <LOCAL>/rc.tcpip.local (probably the former, as long as you plan to use only one NIC).  Find the /etc/ifconfig line in the file, it should look something like:

/etc/ifconfig net0 $SITE # default to Pegasus board

   If your AIX site name is the same as your IP host name, (Ed. in human-speak, use your AIX box's IP address and name) as you can leave the $SITE parameter as-is.  If the two names do not match, replace $SITE with your IP host name.  If you were configuring an Ethernet card, you could leave the net0 as-is, but since you are configuring for Token-Ring, change net0 to tk0.  Save your changes, then run devices again to add your LAN adapter.  By the way, if you had two Token-Ring adapters, tk0 is the adapter in the lowest-numbered slot, the other adapter would be tk1.  The same rule applies to Ethernet adapters, of course. (Ed. Maybe set the lowest slot # TR card to primary under system programs as well?)

   You may wish to edit /etc/hosts to add IP address/IP host name pairs so that you can reference machines on your network by name without an active nameserver. 

Ed. This is what FINALLY allowed me to ping my AIX box from W95
Your /etc/hosts should look like:

# SCCSID(@(#)hosts      1.6     LCC)    /* Modified: 20:22:44 9/25/89 */
# Berkeley 4.3 Distribution Host Database
#     aixps2

# loopback network (for testing on a local site)
#       localhost       9595-OYT

#This worked! The tcp/ip address _AND_ the W95 computer name.

I can ping with OR 9595-OYT, and my W95 box will respond.

Back to Rick: You can use the route command to add or delete routes to/from the default routing table.  If you have a nameserver on your network, create a file called /etc/resolv.conf and put in a line like:

nameserver <TAB> aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd

  where aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd is the IP address of your nameserver.  You will also want to invoke "/etc/ifconfig tk0 arp token" if all of your LANs are Token-Ring, or "/etc/ifconfig net0 tk0 arp ether" if you have both Token-Ring and Ethernet LANs.  If your AIX machine is to act as a gateway, you will want to configure the /etc/gateways and /etc/networks files, and remove the comment from the /etc/routed line in /etc/rc.tcpip.  To auto-start the TCP/IP programs, remove the comment from the inetd line in /etc/rc.
(Ed. The name for Token Ring adapters seems to have changed from 1.2 to 1.3, from tr0 to tk0)

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