AIX for PS/2 1.3

A source for things that you need to install AIX 1.3.0, HERE.

AIX 1.2.x Manuals (*.BOO format, from Bob Eager)
AIX 1.3 Man Pages Index (only for the man page LPP!)
AIXwindows User's Guide
AADU, ver 1.1 (or so) (original was HERE)
AIX PTF0024 Index (slowly growing)
AIX Install Disk Image Format (what the 90+ floppies are in!)

AIX 1.3 Installation (almost screen-by-screen!)
AIX 1.3 on IDE Drive (by Émeric Maschino)
AIX 1.3 Default Keyboard
AIX 1.3 Filesystem Space Requirements
AIX and DOS Merge (up to and includes IBM DOS 5.00, 5.02 will NOT work)
AIX Install DOS Merge (from AIX 1.2 documentation)
Set Date Under AIX 1.3
AIX 1.3 origins

AIX 1.3 Supported NICs
AIX Install Networking
AIX and the WD80x3 Ethernet Adapter

EZ Utilities (most of them...)
AIX INed Command Guide

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