AIX 1.3 Ethernet NICs

3Com 3c523
 > Which model 3Com boards does AIX for PS/2 support? 

 Russ Heise, AIX Technical Support, IBM
  AIX PS/2 includes support for:
      Ungermann-Bass NICps/2 #1542
      3Com 3C523
  The code for the latter is not installed in AIX PS/2 as shipped.  Instead, it is provided in /usr/nifl/3com/*.  This includes a README file which explains how to install the code.  These are the only vendor boards currently supported.

Ed. There are no reports of the 3c529 working with the 3c523 drivers. 

>Is anybody running successfully with a 3com ethernet board on a PS/2 model 80 running AIX 1.2?  After following the manual to the point (except not using an Ungerman Bass board), 'ifconfig net0' or 'netconfig net0' both return "no such device or address".  Maybe I didn't follow it exactly to the point... Any clues?

Jim DeRoest said:
  You have to have the 3c523.o driver installed per instructions in the /usr/nifl/3com directory.  After kernel rebuild and boot, you can ifconfig interface en0.  We have it working on a couple of Model 80's here.

Jack F. Vogel 
   I don't know about the documentation but if memory serves here the 3com is not 'net0', I don't rightly recall what it is called. What you should do is give the command 'netstat -i' and this will give you the names and status of the various interfaces the kernel has configured.

Bjorn Engsig
 Thanks for the mailed and follow-up'd responses, I have it working now.  The only detail missing in the follow-ups is that you need an upgrade of the /usr/nifl/3com code, known to some as AIX 1.2 level 300, and that the IRQ level of the board must be set to 12.

SMC 8013 EP/A Under 1.3
Ulrich Link has been hard at work sharpening the AIX...

"AIX PS/2 is working with the SMC 8013 EP/A! No need for token ring. Install the wd driver under /usr/nifl/wd with "make install", edit /etc/rc.tcpip the line with ifconfig en0 to wd0. That's all."

  I may disagree with "no need for Token Ring", but here's another useful card under AIX.

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