VX FT 386 & 486 MkI Titan Planar

386 Titan Planar
486 Titan Planar
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Information sourced from Mitsubishi Electric's Insight CD pages.

386 Titan Planar

Equipped with a 80386DX-25 processor, 82385-25 cache controller, 64 KB of 35 ns SRAM.

486 Titan Planar

This is the same planar as above but with a 486 daughterboard plugged into the 80386 and 82385 sockets and a bus extension board providing additional MCA slots.

The daughterboard holds the 80486DX-25 processor, the 82385-25 cache controller (the 82485 version wasn't available at the time), 128 KB of 25 ns SRAM, and some PALs. This two-way associative cache subsystem dubbed "Hypercache" is claimed to have a 95 to 96% hit rate.

The plug-in bus extension provides eight MCA expansion slots (4x 32-bit and 4x 16-bit).

Switch Settings


Pos. On Off
1 Pipeline 386 enable Pipeline 386 disable
2 Pipeline 385 enable Pipeline 385 disable
3 ROM's disabled ROM's enabled
4 Refresh enabled Refresh disabled


Pos. On Off
1 RAM configuration
2 RAM configuration
3 RAM configuration
4 CPU speed select
5 CPU speed select
6 Do not alter from ON
7 Weitek present * Weitek not present
8 Do not alter from ON
* PAL required to enable


Memory Fitted SW2 Position SIMM Capacity
1 2 3 Bank 0 Bank 1
1 MByte Off Off Off 256k -
1 MByte On Off Off 256k -
2 MByte Off On Off 256k 256k
4 MByte Off Off On 1 M -
5 MByte On On Off 256k 1 M
8 MByte On Off On 1 M 1 M
12 MByte Off On On 2 M 1 M
16 MByte On On On 2 M 2 M

Clock speed Switches

CPU speed MHz SW2 Position
4 5
25 MHz Off On


No function Either setting acceptable.


All ON BNC Connector Active (Thin Ethernet)
All OFF D-Shell Connector Active (Thick Ethernet)

CMOS Discharge

To drain CMOS disconnect the lead running from the battery mounted on the expansion card holder and allow approx. 20 minutes to drain.

System Firmware (POST & BIOS)

Firmware stored in EPROM (2x 64 KB).

ROM Images

ft10221.zip - VX FT Server ROM BIOS 1.02.21 (LO+HI, zipped)

BIOS Revision Levels

BIOS Revision Summary (ver. 1.02.12 - 1.02.21)

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