486 Processor Removal

Take note of the position and orientation of Pin 1 (identified by either a notch, beveled edge, dot or half-circle) of the 486 before you remove it. Follow the steps below to remove the old 486 processor.

Step 1 - Opening the Computer

  1. Turn all devices OFF.
  2. Disconnect all power cords from the computer.
  3. Place the computer on a surface that has area to work. Remove the cover from your computer. Consult your owner's manual for detailed instructions.

Step 2 - Locating the 486 Processor

  1. Locate the 486 CPU processor on your system board or CPU expansion card. The CPU processor should have the manufacturer's logo, such as "INTEL", and the CPU type and speed rating, such as "80486DX-33". The 486 CPU processor may have a heatsink and or fan attached to it.
  2. Make sure you can easily access the 486 CPU. If there is an expansion card or drive obstructing the CPU, remove the device(s), if possible, and store it in a safe place.

Step 3 - Removing 486 Processor

Take note of the position and orientation of Pin 1 of the 486 before you remove it. The PowerStacker 5x86 will be installed with its Pin 1 in the same position as the 486 Pin 1.

Warn To avoid damage to your computer and/or the upgrade, the Pin 1 on the PowerStacker 5x86 must align with the Pin 1 on the socket.

If your computer has a standard or ZIF socket, read the following steps for removing the 486 processor. If your computer has a surface-mounted processor, which is soldered on the system board, you need to find the OverDrive socket on the system board and go directly to "5x86 Installation". If you have a 486 soldered to the system board and DO NOT have an additional socket or OverDrive socket, the upgrade can not be installed in your system.

Removing from ZIF Sockets
Unlock the socket by unlatching the side lever, overhead bar or loosening the retaining screw and carefully remove the CPU with your fingers.
Remove 486 from ZIF
Removing from Standard Sockets
Slide the Chip Extractor tool inbetween the processor and the socket. Carfully pry each side up untill the chip is free and carefully remove the it with your fingers.
Remove 486 with Tool

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