PowerStacker 5x86 Installation Quick Start

Installation Overview

We Strongly recommend reading this entire manual prior to the installation procedure of the PowerStacker. Failure to do so may result in damage to your computer and/or the PowerStacker.
If you feel uncomfortable with any part of the installation process, please take your computer to a trained technician or service center.

  1. Start and verify the computer's speed and operation
  2. Back-up all data on the hard drive
  3. Record all CMOS settings
  4. Record motherboard settings and make new ones (if necessary)
  5. Remove the old 486 processor
  6. Install the PowerStacker
  7. Reassemble and power-up the computer
  8. Troubleshoot (if necessary)
  9. Run SysChck to verify new speed

Important Things to Remember

  • Never bend the pins on the processor or PowerStacker
  • Never remove a soldered chip
  • Never disassemble the PowerStacker
  • Save and print or write down initial settings of the computer such as jumper, CMOS, and Chip Set
  • Mark or note the Pin 1 location on the motherboard before you remove the old processor
  • Make sure Pin 1 on the PowerStacker lines up with Pin 1 on the motherboard socket
  • Back-up the data from your hard drive.

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