Token Ring Diagnostic

Ask Me for the TR Diagnostics for the 16/4 adapters.

You must boot to DOS, although it might run under OS/2.

CONFIG.SYS Parameters


DFIRUN.BAT Parameters

rem     V---------------  adapter number (required)
rem     V V-------------  optional command line parameters
rem     V V
rem     V V
dfipdpm 0 %1 %2 %3 %4

Ring Diagnostic Help Screens
   The Ring Diagnostic displays information about events on the IBM Token-Ring Network to determine if the ring is working and to aid in ring problem determination. Data is displayed on the screen as events occur. The Ring Diagnostic is controlled by the function keys F1 through F10. 

Adapter addresses and code level of the listed products are:
    Adapter address...........................: ********** 
    Adapter address (universally administered): ********** 
    Adapter code level........................: ********** 
    Adapter Support Interface code level......: ********** 
   Ring Diagnostic code level................: **********

Function Keys
F1 Help         Displays the help screens. 
F2 Print        Starts or stops printing of messages as they are displayed in the data area.  "2=Print" is highlighted while this function is enabled.
F3 End    Ends the Ring Diagnostic and returns to DOS. From the help screens, F3 returns the user to the Ring Diagnostic data screen.
F4 Retry Print  Displayed when a printer error occurs.  Prepare the printer and press F4 (Retry Print) to start printing without losing messages generated since the printer error occurred.
F5 Dump         Displayed only if an internal problem has occurred in the Ring Diagnostic.  Transfers the contents of memory to a diskette. 
F6 Ring Test    Tests the ring's ability to pass data.
F7 Full E.R.    Starts or stops display of all soft error report messages in the data area. Also updates the data area when the beacon status changes during manual recovery. "7=Full E.R." is highlighted while this function is enabled.
F8 Limited E.R. Starts or stops the display of soft error report messages from those adapters on which the number of errors exceeds the half-way point to the ring error limit.  "8=Limited E.R." is highlighted while this function is enabled. 
F9 Reset Counts Resets the Ring Diagnostic error counters without losing any messages not yet displayed or printed. 
F10 Pause       Starts or stops the scrolling of messages in the data area. "10=Pause" is highlighted while message scrolling is stopped.

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