Bytek UV Multiprom Eraser BUV-3B

I have tried to find printed documentation on this UV eraser. Internet Archive seems to suggest Bytek never had the BUV-3B documents on their website.

UPDATE: I have seen an image with "ME-42" sticker on what appears to be a BUV-3B.

Hubbell 4W/6W/8W FS-5 Starter with Condenser   The FS-5 is all over Eee-buy and local hardware stores.

1-450W-1 T-5 600V 75W Miniature Bi-Pin Short Bracket Tapped 6/32

396 Fluorescent Lampholder Starter Base; Turn Lock - Leviton 660W-250V 18AWG

Robertson Ballast SP48

Caution! My BUV-3B has a line cord with Blue [Neutral], Brown [Hot], and Black [Ground]. This does not seem to follow what I would expect, Black, White, and Green.

To be clear, the SP48 has two Black leads. There is NO lead for Ground, instead, the Black lead from the AC cord attaches to a frame-mounted screw that fastens the Lamp Ballast down.

AC wire to frame ground is GROUND [existing wire is Black]
AC wire to microswitch is HOT  [existing wire is Brown]
AC wire to Ballast is NEUTRAL [existing wire is Blue]

Note: I have no documents to support my guess. Proceed at your own risk!

As I was gently moving wires around my BUV-3B, the AC line cord for Neutral cleanly snapped off at the Panduit crimp fastener. First time I have ever had that happen.

I will change all loose crimp fasteners to wire nuts. My SWAG of what happened, the wire insulation was stripped -BUT- they nicked the solid wire. Crimp fasteners are quicker to attach than wire nuts.

Might be the reason why it was taking so long to erase chips.

V-15G4-1C25-K Omron V Snap Action Switch
15: 15 A at 250 VAC
G: 0.5 mm (G gap)
4: Simulated roller lever
1: SPDT COM Terminal, Bottom position:
C2: Quick-connect terminal (.187)
None: Without Insulation Barrier
5: 200 gf Maximum Operating Force
K: 2.9 mm Mounting Hole Size

M.H. Rhodes, Inc. Avon, Connecticut 06001
Clock Oper. SW 468D
I think it is a 90000 Series, maybe 90577?

Rhodes now goes by the name "Marktime"

FG6T5 Bulb, 6W Commonly called "G6T5" Loads on Flea-Buy and in local stores. Used for UV/Germicidal lamps.

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