Needham's Programmers

Needham's Electronics was bought by Logical Devices, Inc in 2009.
Archived Needham's Electronics pages: Legacy Programmers & Legacy Adapters

Important: We are not related to Needham's Electronics in any way, and we are not selling any of their products.

Programmers and Accessories

PB-10 Programmer (PC Card)
EMP-10 Programmer (mostly empty)
EMP-11 Programmer
EMP-20 Programmer

EBC Company Universal Socket Adapters

EMP Software

EMP Software, v1.7 (MSI file) (incl. Algorithm Pack 1 & Service Pack 1)
Requires Windows Installer 2.0:
   InstMsiW.exe Windows Installer 2.0 for Win NT 4.0 SP6 / 2000 (archived page)
   InstMsiA.exe Windows Installer 2.0 for Win 95/98 (archived page)

EMP Software, v1.7 (ZIP file, no installer)
Use this if your NT 4 (SP6a) system complains about not installing EMP 1.7 on less than W2K, and refuses to install MSI version 2. Create a directory ("EMP_17"), extract the archive into it, and make a shortcut to EMP.EXE on your desktop. Works just fine!

EMP Software, v1.6 (EXE file, installs normally on NT 4)
EMP Software, v1.5 (EXE file, installs normally on NT 4)

Ed. I believe the EMP software runs on Win95/98/NT. I run it on NT 4.

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