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EBC Company surface mount to DIP programming adapters

Many EPROM programmers that you see on fleabay are USB based. That presents a problem to those of us using Micro Channel systems, where we cannot keep up with the dizzying update path which requires new equipment and new software... The beauty of the Needham Electronics EMP series is the device related processing is dome within the programmer itself. The parallel port based programmer is relatively immune from the upgrade issues of more modern programmers.

Modern systems can lack any parallel ports, can lack expansion slots, or the O/S can lack support for the I/O addresses needed by a real parallel port. Got your supply of PCI or PCIe parallel port cards? YMMD.

Loading Device in the EMP-11

Yes, the EMP-11 does not use the DOS app, but the socket layout is still the same... This is a significant bit of information. I recently fired up my EMP-20, and the buffer was coming up empty, all ASCII 255... So I looked at the image silk screened on top of the EMP-20... It shows the square end of the device towards the side of the EMP-20. There are multiple outlines of the notched end (at each length, like 20, 22, 24, 26...) towards the top (the end of the EMP-20 with the parallel port).

Also, always go back to the main menu before inserting or removing a device...

EMP-11 AC Power Supply

EMP series programmer require either 12V AC or 15V DC.

 EMP-10, EMP-11, EMP-21 use a 1 Amp transformer
 EMP-20, EMP-30, EMP-31, EMP-300 use a 3 Amp transformer

BillC wrote:
I have an EMP-11, which I believe uses the same power supply as the EMP-10. My supply is rated at 12 VAC, 1000 mA. Yes, it says AC, not DC, which might make finding a replacement a little tricky.

If you can't find one easily, you could try the manufacturer. My power supply is labeled:
Model No: A12-1A
Input: 120V 60Hz 18W
Output: 12VAC 1000mA

Tommyquest wrote:
My EMP-10 uses a Condor too.
Model: 41A-12-1000
Input: AC 120v 60Hz 16W
Output: AC 12v 1000mA
P/N 12-1A

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