Needham's PB-10 Programmer

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PB-10 Device list


PB-10 was Needham's first programmer for IBM PC compatibles, introduced in Sep 1986. It is a half-card ISA bus programmer that was designed as a quick and extremely inexpensive solution for programming 8-bit EPROMs and FLASH, and has since been adapted to program 16-bit EPROMs and 87xx Microcontrollers.

A few versions exist, one has the DIP switches, the Rev C does not.

The interface software has a Hex/ASCII/Binary editor with Search, Fill, and Copy functions, and supports INTEL HEX, MOTOROLA S, and BINARY file formats. The software automatically supports "Splitting" data into multiple devices(2 8-bit devices in a 16-bit system, for example), macro capability, and on-line help.

Adapter Modules for PB-10

Micro Module - 8748,49,51,55, and TMS7742
87C751-752 Micro Adapter
27210 Adapter - 16 bit wide devices
27400 Adapter
Memory Card Adapter - 40,50 pin EPROM+SRAM by EPSON

Generic Adapter Modules

PD28 - 32 Pin PLCC to 28 pin DIP Adapter
PD32 - 32 Pin PLCC to 32 pin DIP Adapter
PD44 - 44 Pin PLCC to 40 pin DIP Adapter

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