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PD20-17x Pin Routing

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This adapter is specifically designed to support those devices of the17xx family of configurator PROMS or Flash ROMs in the 20 pin PLCC package that have an 8 pin DIP equivalent. It will
NOT work if the programmer socket is configured for the 20 pin SOIC equivalent. Our model PD20-121 supports a one-to-one pin routing for this application. Consult the programmer manufacturer or contact EBC Company if in doubt about the use of this adapter for your application.

Package Support : 20 PIN PLCC
Dip Pin Connections: 8
Dip Pin Spacing: 600 MIL


ATMEL (PREFIX AT): 17C010, 17C010A, 17C020, 17C020A, 17C128, 17C256, 17C512, 17C512A, 17LV010, 17LV010A, 17LV0020, 17LV020A, 17LV128, 17LV256, 17LV512, 17LV512A, 17LV65

AT&T (PREFIX ATT): 1736A, 1765A, 17128A

MICROCHIP: 37LV36, 37LV65, 37LV128

XILINX (PREFIX XC): 1701, 1701L, 1702L, 1704L, 17128, 17128D, 17128E, 17128L, 17128X, 1718D, 1718L, 17256D, 17256E, 17256L, 17256X, 1736D, 1736E, 1736L, 1736X, 17512L, 1765D, 1765E, 1765L, 1765X

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