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SO300-28P Pin Routing

Wired One-To-One

Instruction Sheet


  As the pin-outs of nearly all SOIC devices are one-to-one to the DIP equivalent, virtually all SOIC devices of this body width are supported with this adapter. Consult the programmer manufacturer or contact EBC Company if in doubt about the use of this adapter for your application.

Package Support : SOIC / Up to 28 Pins 300 MIL Body (Sometimes 295 MIL or 7.5 MM)
Dip Pin Connections: 28
Dip Pin Spacing: 450 MIL


AMD (PREFIX AM): PALce16V8, PALce16V8H, PALce16V8Q, PALce16V8Z, PALce20V8, PALce20V8H, PALce20V8Q, PALce20V8Z, PALce22V10, PALce22V10H, PALce22V10Q, PALce22V10Z, PALLV20V8, PALLV22V10, PALLV22V10H, PALLV22V10Q, PALLV22V10Z

ATMEL (PREFIX ATF): 16V8B, 16V8BQ, 16V8BQL, 16V8C, 16LV8B, 16LV8BQ, 16LV8BQL, 16LV8C, 16LV8CZ, 20V8B, 20V8B, 22LV10, 22LV10CZ, 22V10B, 22V10BQ, 22V10BQL, 22V10C, 22V10CZ, 750, 750C, 750CL, 750LVC, 89c1051, 89c2051, 89c4051

CYPRESS (PREFIX CY7C): 63000, 63001, 63100, 63101, 63612, 63613, 64011, 64012, 64013

LATTICE: GAL16V8, GAL16V8H, GAL16V8Z, PALce16V8, PALce16V8H, PALce16V8Q, PALce16V8Z, GAL20V8, GAL20V8H, GAL20V8Q, GAL20V8Z, GAL22V10, GAL22V10H, GAL22V10Q, GAL22V10Z, PALce20V8, PALce20V8H, PALce20V8Q, PALce20V8Z, PALce20V8, PALce22V10, PALce22V10H, PALce22V10Q, PALce22V10Z

MICROCHIP: PIC 16C52, 16C54,16C55, 16C554, 16C556, 16C558, 16C56, 16C57, 16C58, 16C61, 16C62, 16C620, 16C621, 16C622, 16C63, 16C642, 16C65, 16C66, 16C71, 16C710, 16C711, 16C712, 16C715, 16C716, 16C72, 16C73, 16C76, 16C770, 16C771, 16C84, 16F83, 16F84, 16F873, 16F874, 16F876, 16F877 (Includes A,B,C,D suffix devices)

MOTOROLA: 68HC705P6, 68HC705P6A

NATIONAL: COP 87L20, 87L22, 87L40, 87L42, 87L84, SAA7, SAB7, SGE7, SGR7



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