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TQ44-16x Pin Routing

Instruction Sheet 


This adapter is designed to support MOST 44 pin PIC micro-controllers available in both 44 pin TQFP and 40 pin DIP package.

This adapter does NOT provide the correct pin routing for Microchip PIC 174x family of micro-controllers. Consult the programmer manufacturer or contact EBC Company if in doubt about the use of this adapter for your application

Package Support : 44 PIN TQFP (12 MM Tip to Tip)
Dip Pin Connections: 40
Dip Pin Spacing: 600 MIL


MICROCHIP (PIC): 16C64, 16C65, 16C67, 16C642, 16C662, 16C74, 16C77, 16F874, 16F877, 18C442, 18C452

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