@8FC4.ADF IBM Personal/370 Processor
@E014.ADF IBM S/370 Channel Emulator Adapter/A
@EFE6.ADF IBM Data Exchange Adapter for 9391 Model 14 (9371?) Referred to as "DEA"
@FA74.ADF 370 Technical Workstation "7437 PS/2 Interface Adapter Card"
   "IBM 7437 Technical Workstation" IBM 7437 VM/SP Personal Workstation

192-156 IBM PS/2 MicroChannel to Mainframe Connection
291-606 Micro Channel 370 Additions (actually the double-wide 9371)
191-035 Micro Channel 370 Enhancements
190-141 Micro Channel 370
190-017 IBM Enterprise System/9370 (ES/9370) Model 14 (9371? but this is IBM)

Selected McGill Systems pages:
   P/370 Environment
   MUSIC/SP on P/370

Hercules Software emulation for the IBM S/370 and S/390 hardware architecture. Enjoy the power of MVS, MVT, or VM on your Linux or Windows Desktop/Notebook.

IBM, 7437 VM/SP Technical Workstation; User's Guide and Reference, SA23-0351-00, 1988.

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IBM Personal/370 Processor

This card as best I can determine, was never directly offered, but was available only by contacting IBM. Pretty uncommon...

From datamuseum.dk (via Google Translate):
   The P/370 is a plug-in for an IBM PS/2 with 32-bit Micro Channel. The card has 16M / 370 storage. (...) The card supports VM / System Product, VM-ESA 1.5 (370 feature), and corresponding MVS and VSE".

Cards associated with the P/370 (these do NOT provide ability to run 370 code):

  • S/370 Channel Attach
  • S/370 to MMC

Other "Personal" S/370 Products

From bhtooefr (@bhtooefr@mastodon.social, link)
   Also, this thing is part of a whole family of mainframe-on-PC hardware and software that the VM team was largely responsible for:

  • XT/370 (basically two hacked 68000s with partial S/370 emulation microcode, enough to get CMS running)
  • AT/370 (ditto)
  • 7437 VM/SP Technical Workstation (a PS/2 Model 60/80-sized tower, that you cabled to a MCA card in your Model 60/70/80, and gave you a full S/370)
  • Personal/370 Adapter/A (faster 7437, on a card)

IBM 7437 Technical Workstation

As of November 1988, IBM was shipping a workstation version of the System/370 hardware intended to run IBM's VM/SP operating system. Officially called the IBM 7437 VM/SP Personal Workstation, it was a freestanding tower that connected to a MCA card installed in a PS/2 Model 60, 70, or 80. One IBM representative described the 7437 "like a 9370 with a single terminal".

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