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991020 - Audiovation Under Win95B

Come Together, Right On, Over 5580

While I rebuilding a 5580, a questionnaire about Audiovation Adapter /A was posted to the forum A guy bought his Audiovation /A cheap by mistake. He thought it was PCI MWAVE card. As you know MCA connector looks like PCI connector and there is a "MWAVE" logo printed atop the original cardboard box of Audiovation Adapter. He wrote about where he bought it Why should I keep away from buying it if it was a NIB and cost only JY500 (roughly speaking less than $5.00) even though I already had one. It was the time to give a try my 5580 for Audiovation Adapter /A.

Went Louis' page, downloaded Audiovation section, read it carefully and started to try it under Win95. I followed every steps written in Ardent Tool page. Installation was completed (may be) and rebooted the system. Yippie!! Windows opening sound proudly apealed through built-in stereo speaker of my monitor. Tested some of CDs I had. Though I couldn't see sound device (Audiovation) under device list but the Audiovation seemed it was working. To verify if the adapter actually did it job or not, I installed Talkwork program which was associated with the Audiovation. Set "Abbey Road" CD by the Beatles and picked up "Come Together" to see the card could record sound files and could play it back. ("Come Together" is a nice source to test stereo recording.)

  1. Sampling Rate PCI, 44.1KHz, 16bit, Stereo; required 43MB of disk space for a 3'04"" length of music track. Playback; Wao! I got "memory parity error" and the system halt.

  2. Changed sampling rate down to 22.050KHz and recorded 20 seconds or so and played it back. It seemed to be OK. Recorded entire track and it required 22MB of disk space. Played it back. Everything was OK! Volume control for each channel worked perfect.

About 260MB of disk space are required to record whole tracks of a usual pop music CD and most of CPU power seemed to be used for playing back the recorded tracks. But the important point to me was that a Audiovation Adapter could (and can) handle recording and playing CD tracks with it's associated program under Win95. (Guys, don't blame me that I use Win95. It may be a Kiddy's OS but I don't care for it. It's easy for me to use it. Warp3 is difficult for me and I don't have application software for OS2.)

Anyway, Audiovation worked perfect. Folks, Come Together, Right Now.

P.S. 1 Advertising leaflets hung at the shop where I bought the Audiovation said:

"A complete failure product IBM ever made!"

Bought another one for my friend lived far apart from Akihabara.

P.S. 2 The owner of the shop knew a bit about PS/2 and PS/55

P.S. 3 I got my 9557 Ultimedia, IBM 486BL2 system with bundled CD-ROMs (complete set of associated programs) for the system and a 5576-A01 keyboard at this shop. Also got a M keyboard and 5541-T for a coin there.

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