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991209 - 6886 (PC750 MCA)

Got a 6886-45H. It was treated as "used computer" but seemed to be new.


  • CPU: P-90MHz
  • Memory: 16MB (8MB x2)
  • HDD: 720 MB (DSSA 3720)
  • CD-ROM: ATAPI 2x speed

Got the latest BIOS flash program and reference/diags from IBM FTP site. Flashed up to N2JT50A (now updated to N2JT52A). 50A is only available at IBM FTP site) and put a K6-II/300 using PowerLeap PL-Pro/MMX-Plus interposer. Installed Win95B. Worked fine.

Later on I added Madge Smart 16/4 and S3 Virge DX (now the video has been changed to Matrox Millennium-II 8MB), 6GB Seagate hard drive then I hooked an external 36.6K modem. Thus the 6886 became an internet service machine in my room.

More info about PC750 can be found HERE.

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