IBM PS/55 Reference, Diagnostic
& Option Disks

Creating and Restoring Floppy Images
Reference & Diagnostic Disks
   PS/55 386 Class
   PS/55 486 Class
   PS/55 "E" 5538
   PC Server 320/520 (MCA/PCI)
   ThinkPad TP720C
   Other Laptops
   Audio & Video
Operating Systems

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Disk images for the Personal System/2 (PS/2) line can be found HERE.
Standalone ADF files for Micro Channel adapters can be downloaded HERE.

If you have any other PS/55 files, please Contact Us.

Creating and Restoring Floppy Images

You can create image files of existing floppies or vice versa using one of following programs:

Most ZIP files listed here contain self-extracting EXE files that when executed will create the corresponding floppy disk (Ref, Diags, etc.). Use the following syntax to run the executable:

filename.exe a:

Where "a:" is the letter of the target floppy drive.

Files with the LZH extension are compressed using the LZH algorithm. To extract them use LHA.exe or some modern alternative.

Disclaimer: Some of the files on this page were not tested! Use them at your own responsibility!

Reference & Diagnostic Disks

PS/55 386 Class

File Description Ver. Zipped img. Notes Ref & Diag for 5530-S,T/5540-T/5550-S,T,V/
5570-T,V (and possibly 5545-T)
1.50 ref / diag DOS/V Ref & Diag for 5530/5540/5545/5550/5570 1.36 JDOS
40REF135.EXE Ref for 5540-T [P/N 79F2502] 1.35 JDOS
Wanted Ref for 5530/5540/5550/5570 386DX 1.31 JDOS
30Tstart.exe Start Diskette for 5530-T 1.10 JDOS
30SRE126.EXE Ref & Diag for 5530Z-SX [P/N 57F0058] 1.26 link JDOS
ST30Z100.EXE Start Diskette for 5530Z-SX [P/N 38F6998] 1.00 link JDOS

^ Reference disks for 5530-S/T, 5540-T, 5545-T, 5550-S/T/V, 5570-T/V (386-based)
   Versions 1.00 to 1.2x are basically system-specific. Based on JDOS.
   Versions 1.3x cover all models. Based on JDOS.
   Versions 1.4x and later also cover all models and are based on DOS/V.
   Not sure if Version 1.50 covers Model 5550-V2 or not.
   Non-Japanese users, you'd better use 3070V150 if you have any of the systems above.

File Description Ver. Notes Ref & Diag for 5530-U/V 1.21 / 1.02 DOS/V
30u102d.exe Diag for 5530-U/V [P/N 54G1674] 1.02
Ref for 5530-U 1.10
30v100v.exe Ref Diskette /V for 5530-V 1.00 DOS/V
5530w113.exe Ref for 5530-W (including XGA-1 option) 1.13 DOS/V
5510sre.exe Ref for 5510-S 1.01 DOS/V
5510tref.exe Ref for 5510-T 1.41 DOS/V
5510zref.exe Ref for 5510-Z 1.10 DOS/V Ref/Diag 5535-S0 1.5 DOS/V
5545r133.exe Ref for 5545 (P-70/386 JP version) [P/N 65F0046] 1.33 JDOS
5545UTL.EXE 5545 Utility Diskette [P/N 64F8330] 1.00
REFSPPL.exe Reference Diskette /V Supplement [P/N 07G3119] 1.00

PS/55 486 Class

File Description Ver. Notes Ref & Diag for 5551-N/Y 1.00 Ref & Diag for 5551-N/Y 1.01 Ref & Diag for 5551-N/Y 1.11 Weird (?) Ref & Diag for 5530-L, 5551-R/L, 5521-Y 1.21 Ref & Diag for 5530-L, 5551-R/L, 5521-Y 1.10
51R_fup.lzh Pentium ODP Flash Update for 5551-R 1.30
51R_dig.lzh Diagnostic Diskette for Pentium ODP 5551-R 1.24
51W113R.EXE Reference Diskette for 5551-W/W2 1.13
60W0_110,EXE Reference Diskette for 5560-W0 1.10
60W0120R.EXE Reference Diskette for 5560-W0 1.20
60W111R.EXE Reference Diskette for 5560-W1/W2 (ODP Ready) 1.11 Ref & Diag for Type-B Upgrade (5560-N) 1.00
80y121r.EXE Reference Diskette for 5580-Y 1.21
80W111R.EXE Reference Diskette for 5580-W (P23T Support) 1.11 Ref & Diag for Type-A Upgrade (5580 & 5560) 1.00

Disk images for Types 9595/9585/8595 are omitted from the list and can be found HERE.

PS/55 "E" 5538

File Description Ver. Notes
38videosp.exe 5538 Video Support Diskette (VESA.EXE included)
38util_1.exe 5538 Utility Diskette #1
38util_2.exe 5538 Utility Diskette #2
hbaf55.lzh TP750/755C Audio Driver (CS4248KL) 1.40

PC Server 320/520 (MCA/PCI)

File Description Ver. Notes
rfpcimca.exe Reference Diskette for Server 320/520 PCI/MCA 2.07
rdpcimca.exe Diagnostic Diskette for Server 320/520 PCI/MCA 5.30
4227103.exe 8640 System Board Diagnostics (PCI/MCA) 1.13 Server 720
33l3917.exe 320/520 Micro Channel BIOS Flash Update Disk 29A
3313917.txt Readme for BIOS Flash 29A
mcantsmp.exe 320/520 NT SMP Support Diskette for MC version 1.01
m84h4257.exe 320/520 NT Support Disk for CirrusLogic 5436 video 1.01

ThinkPad TP720C

File Description Ver. Notes Ref & Diag for TP720C Japanese
r720c120.exe Ref Disk for TP720C 1.20 English
dg720120.exe Diagnostic Disk for TP720C 1.20 English
pctpx130.exe PCMCIA Disk for TP720C 1.3 English
Wanted Ref & Diag for C52 486SLC

Other Laptops (PS/55Note)

File Description Ver. Notes
5523R.EXE Ref Disk for PS/55Note N23SX 5523-S1/S2/SV/SA
Attention: This is for the 16 MHz model
1.00 Japanese
5523strt.exe Start Diskette for 5523 N23SX [P/N 07G3763] 1.01 Japanese
Wanted Ref Disk for N23 (5523-S0/SJ) 12 MHz Model Ref Disk for PS/55Note N51SLC (#1 & #2) Japanese
Wanted Ref Disk for N51sx
555BJutl.exe TP555BJ Utility [P/N 66G1298] 1.01 Japanese
555BJvid.exe TP555BJ PCMCIA/VGA Support [P/N 66G8722] 1.00 Japanese


File Description Ver. Notes
XGA2OPTJ.EXE XGA2 Option Diskette, Japanese Japanese
XGA2OPTE.EXE XGA2 Option Diskette, English English
PS55EXST.EXE Option Disk for Personal Storage PS/55 note 720 KB FD
pctpx130.exe EZPLAY for PCMCIA 1.30 PCMCIA Driver for MCA (Sep 1993)
5250126.EXE 5250 Option Diskette [P/N 65X9094] 1.26 2DD
R5250100.EXE Remote 5250 Adapter /A [P/N 23F3996] 1.00 2DD
35FD200.exe 1.2 MB Diskette Support Program 2.01 2DD
35FD121.exe 1.2 MB Diskette Support Program 1.21 2DD
525FDD100.exe External 5.25" FDD /A [P/N 79F5348] 1.00
pcmcia101.exe PCMCIA Adapter /A [P/N 54G0521] 1.01 2DD
2_8memexp.exe 2-8 MB Memory Expansion /A [P/N 23F3242] 1.0 2DD, JDOS
IBMenet.exe PS/55 Network Adapter /A [P/N 35G2811]
10Base2/5 & 10Base5/T
1.24 2DD


IBM FWSR PCI RAID for PC320/520 (DAC960P/PD) Mylex drivers

File Description Ver. Notes
fwpd273.exe DAC960P/PD Firmware update 2.38 to 2.73 2.73
swkit200.exe DAC960P/PD/PL drivers (DOS, OS/2, NT)
WIN95KIT.ZIP DAC960P/PD/PL Win95 beta driver kit DOS drive for Win95 install

IBM First/Wide RAID (PassPlay) without External Port. Use FWSR utility for RAID config.

File Description Ver. Notes
raid199a.exe SR Flash BIOS 1.99

IBM First/Wide Streaming RAID (Cheetah) with an External Port.

File Description Ver. Notes
4305333.exe FWSR Flash BIOS 2.21 2.21
430533.txt FWSR Flash BIOS Readme
4227110.exe FWSR Option Disk #1 2.31
4227111.exe FWSR Option Disk #2 2.31
4227110.txt Readme for FWSR Option Disks

Audio & Video

File Description Ver. Notes
VGA256.EXE VGA256C.sys For TP720C
700c120.exe TP720C Video Driver 1.2
aftps140.exe TP750/755C Audio Driver (CS4248KL) 1.4 English
aftps140.txt Readme for TP750/755C Audio Driver
hbaf55.lzh TP750/755C Audio Driver (CS4248KL) 1.4 Japanese
tp750aud.exe TP750 Audio driver for Win3.1 & OS2 1.3 English
Wanted Win/V by CFC

Operating Systems

File Description Notes
INSTALL PS/55 JDOS 4.04 Install Disk Graeme Roberts
OPERATE PS/55 JDOS 4.04 Operate Disk Graeme Roberts

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