Radisys EXM-13 Video

This is a look at the EXM-13, EXM-13A, and EXM-13B.

One EXM of note is the EXM-13A, based on the NCR / Symbios Logic 77C22E+... We do have Radisys drivers, but that chip is shrouded in mystery... NT4 does have ncr77c22.sys, which MIGHT work, but I do not know the color depth.

Notice: I have NO personal experience with any Radisys EXM related system or components. All these files were retrieved via Internet Archive and were re-named to a shorter format. To me, there can only be one period in a file name, or you may get odd problems with web pages...

Use of any of the files or information on this page is AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you want a guarantee on this stuff, seek out any repair / service company that supports EXM / EPC devices.

If you have any files or experience with these devices, please reach to Louis Ohland.

Radisys EXM Modules

Warning! Some EXM modules are incompatible with other modules or carriers. Please read the documentation from Radisys. Do NOT assume the EXM format module is compatible in your application!

EXM-13 VGA video controller (WD WD90C11 video controller)

EXM-13 Manuals 13_v21b

WD90C11-LR Enhanced VGA Controller Datasheet
Bt471KPJ50 80 MHz 256-Word Color Palette Personal System/2 RAMDAC Datasheet
ICS ??? Probably a clock generator
TC514256AJ-80 256KBx4 DRAM

EXM-13A True Color SVGA Controller (NCR 77C22E+ video controller, 1MB / 2MB)

EXM-13A Manuals EXM-13A Files

NCR 77C22E+
ATT20C490 16M Color Color True-Color CMOS RAMDACs Datasheet
ICS2494M Dual Video/Memory Clock Generator Datasheet

EXM-13B Super VGA Graphics Controller and Accelerator (CL-GD5434)

EXM-13B Manuals 13B_JPWIN 13B_OS2 13BW31 13B_W95 13B_NT3

CL-GD5434-J-QC-F 64-bit VGA GUI Accelerator

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