Radisys EXM Bus Components

Third-party add-in card vendors design and market additional types of EXM modules including motion controllers, SERIPLEX and SERCOS controllers, and LonWorks interfaces.

I have manuals for everything BUT the EXM-15/15A SERCOS controller. All files are in this directory. Not every file is linked.

Note: Due to what turned out to be a happy coincidence, we have the User documentation and C files for the Automated Production Controls (APC) SERIPLEX card, part number SPX-EXM-INTF -AND- the EXM-15 Runtime. -LFO

Some manuals date from 1992 (maybe 1990 on a few). So, they might be a bit outdated for modules made in the mid 1990s. Also, the version of Word used for the early manuals is Word 2.0, which is right out if you are using Word 2003. It requires adding a registry value to allow Word to open the old file...

EXM is a mix between ISA and VME. Thankfully, most modules act as ISA cards to any operating system. So you could probably install using common drivers and it should work. Most EXM do not have specific drivers, but there are a few based on old chips dating back to 1989 or so, and they may lack support from more modern operating systems.

One EXM of note is the EXM-13A, based on the NCR / Symbios Logic 77C22E+... We do have Radisys drivers, but that chip is shrouded in mystery... NT4 does have ncr77c22.sys, which MIGHT work, but I do not know the color depth.

Notice: I have NO personal experience with any Radisys EXM related system or components. All these files were retrieved via Internet Archive and were re-named to a shorter format. To me, there can only be one period in a file name, or you may get odd problems with web pages...

Use of any of the files or information on this page is AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you want a guarantee on this stuff, seek out any repair / service company that supports EXM / EPC devices.

If you have any files or experience with these devices, please reach to Louis Ohland.

Radisys EXM Modules

Warning! Some EXM modules are incompatible with other modules or carriers. Please read the documentation from Radisys. Do NOT assume the EXM format module is compatible in your application!

EXM-1 Ethernet Controller (?) AUI / BNC
   EXM-1 Manuals | 01_v105

EXM-2 Flash Disk (Flash)
   EXM-2 Manuals | 2_v104

EXM-2A Solid State Disk Module (Flash and SRAM)
   EXM-2A Manuals | 2A_v100

EXM-3 Disk Controller (External Floppy and 50-pin SCSI controller)
   EXM-3 Manuals | 3_v100

EXM-4 GPIB Interface Module (Single GPIB port)
   EXM-4 Manuals

EXM-5 Modem (2400, 1200, and 300 bps)
   EXM-5 Manuals

EXM-6 VGA video controller (WD Paradise VGA1A video controller)
   EXM-6 Manuals

EXM-7 Dual RS-232 Module (two DE9)
   EXM-7 Manuals

EXM-8 Dual RS-422/485 Module (two DE9)
   EXM-8 Manuals EXM-8 Files

EXM-9 External IDE/Floppy Disk Controller (External Floppy IDC)
   No manuals -OR- files

EXM-10 Ethernet Controller AUI / BNC
   EXM-10 Manuals | 10_WD_8003_Utils

EXM-10A Ethernet Controller AUI / BNC / RJ45
   EXM-10A Manuals | 10A_DOS (?)

EXM-11 Interval Timer (Two BNC inputs)
   EXM-11 Manuals

EXM-12 Prototyping Module
   EXM-12 Manuals | 12_v100

EXM-13 Video
   EXM-13 VGA video controller (WD WD90C11)
   EXM-13A True Color SVGA Controller (NCR 77C22E+)
   EXM-13B Super VGA Graphics Controller and Accelerator (CL-GD5434)

EXM-14 Live Motion Video (used w/ EXM-13 / -13A. But -13B is probably compatible)
   EXM-14 Manuals | 14_v101

EXM-15 SERCOS Controller
   No manuals
   SERCOS Runtime for RMX (beta 1.00) (thx Joe Oakden)

EXM-15A SERCOS Controller DE9 test port and 2 fiber optic ports
   No manuals -OR- files
   EXM-15 Runtime -MIGHT- work.

APC SPX-EXM-INTF SERIPLEX Controller DE9 port (SeriPleX EXM INTerFace)
   SPX-EXM-INTF Manual (Square D bought APC in 1995) (thx Joe Oakden)
   SERIPLEX C Header and Rountines (SPX 16-bit iface v1.00) (thx Joe Oakden)
   SERIPLEX ToolBox (design/commission SERIPLEX control systems)
   Joe Oakden's Experience

EXM-16 SCSI-II and Floppy Drive Controller (External Floppy HPDB50 SCSI port)
   EXM-16 Manuals | 16_v304 (EZ-SCSI)

EXM-17 PCMCIA Controller (Type I/II, double-wide Type III exists)
   EXM-17 Manuals | 17_v100

EXM-18 Parallel/Serial Port Module (56K, 232 -OR- 422, parallel IN or OUT, not bi-di)
   EXM-18 Manuals

EXM-19 Digital I/O Expansion Module (-24 24 I/O, -48, 48 I/O, 19-OPTO 24 I/O)
   EXM-19 Manuals | 19_CUG342

EXM-20 A/D Converter Module (12-bit A-D, 8 DIFF / 16 SE inputs, 100 KHz max rate)
   EXM-20 Manuals | 20_v102

EXM-21 Digital to Analog Output Module (dual 12-bit D/A)
   EXM-21 Manuals

EXM-22 High Speed GPIB (VXI only, -22 R 350KB W 600KB -22+ R/W up to 1MB.)
   EXM-22 Manuals

EXM-23 Flat Panel Video Controller
   EXM-23 Manuals

EXM-24 Multiport Intelligent Serial I/O Controller (8 RS-232, up to 115.2K)
   EXM-24 Manuals

EXM-25 Token Ring Adapter (TROPIC 16/4, DE9 and RJ45)
   EXM-25 Manuals | 25_TR_Diag_v20

EXM-26 Multiport Serial I/O (4 -OR- 8 RS232/RS422)
   EXM-26 Manuals

EXM-27 Encoder DE9 and DB15
   No manuals -OR- files

EXM-28 Arcnet Controller (BNC -OR- two RJ-11)
   EXM-28 Manuals | 28_v100

EXM-29 Dual Serial I/O (2 DE9 RS-422/-485 ports, FASTCOMM compatible)
   EXM-29 Manuals | 29_v100

EXM-31 High Speed Modem (up to 14.4K modem and Fax)
   EXM-31 Manuals

EXM-32 DeviceNet/CAN Controller (-32DN DeviceNet, -32CAN CAN)
   EXM-32 Manuals

EXM-33 Counter/Timer
   EXM-33 Manuals

EXM-34 Speech Synthesizer (two 3.5 mm jacks, volume control knob)
   EXM-34 Manuals | 34_v100

EXM-37 VGA Controller (CL-GD5434 or better, HDD15, Flat Panel Feature Connector)
   EXM-37 Manuals

EXM-SSD Solid State Disk Drive (IDE controller / SSD, FDC, external floppy port)
   EXM-SSD Manuals

EXM-HD Mass Storage Module (IDE controller / IDE drive)
   EXM-HD Manuals

EXM-MX Mass Storage Module (IDE controller / IDE drive, FDC, external floppy port)
   EXM-MX Manuals


Joe Oakden got an APC SPX-EXM-INTF running again (In a Biscuit factory, yum! -LFO).

There are four of these lines, but only two use a SERIPLEX module. The other [SERIPLEX] line had been turned off for the past three months and guess what... the battery had gone flat on this machine too!!

Luckily I managed to get the SERCOS card data from the two running lines and then got lucky guessing the SERIPLEX card. I got the ID from the attached manual and got lucky making a couple of educated guesses on the dual port RAM address.

When I was trying to set the correct base address for the SERIPLEX card I initially tried a base address of 0xD000 (as per the C example in the manual) and this ended up disrupting the SERCOS card so they must both operate by reading and writing to dual-port ram. I then set the SERIPLEX base address to 0xE000 and all worked.

SERCOS card ID: F0, in this configuration, OB1: 10 and OB2: 1C

Which doesn't quite tie in with what I expected! Maybe those settings could help someone [with a SERCOS] but I'm afraid I'm not sure exactly what they relate to!

Ed. My [Forlorn] hope is the SERIPLEX module is kinda like the SERCOS module. I have not found any documentation on the EXM-15x, so Joe scored on some good stuff. -LFO

Radisys EXM Compatible Modules / Devices

EMC-FDM (FDC, floppy, DE9 serial, DB25 parallel)
   EMC-FDM Manuals

WD37C65CJM Limited to 500Kb/s data rate by 16.0 MHz osc? Supports power down mode feature, standby ICC = 100 uA max.

Parallel port direction is OUTPUT for printing -OR- INPUT for scanners. Maybe. The TL16552FN is capable of Bi-Di, so this might be OUTPUT for compatible, INPUT for Bi-Directional (PS/2).

Parallel Port can use 378h / Int 7 (LPT1?) or 278h / Int 5, or disabled.
COM port can use 2F8h, 3F8h, or 2E8h. IRQ 3, 4, or 9.

Note: Only one floppy drive controller per system can be enabled at any one time. If the EMC system requires an EXM-16 or an EXM-MX running with the EXM-FDM, disable all but one floppy drive.

Port Conflicts
Avoid interrupt and address conflicts due to multiple serial or parallel ports with the same address or interrupt. Be sure to either disable unused serial or parallel ports, or set them to a value that does not conflict with other ports in the system.

Note that in general attaching a mouse to a serial port only works on COM1 or COM2.

EMC-PS50 Power Supply (fits outside of EXM chassis 115/230v)
EXM-PS50 Power Supply (fits INSIDE of EXM slot! -DC12, -DC24, -DC48)

EMC-BP8 8 position EXM base
EMC-BP12 12 position EXM base
EMC-CC4 Chassis 4 EXM slot
EMC-CC6 Chassis 6 EXM slot
EMC-CC8 Chassis 8 EXM slot
EMC-CH10 Dual Power Supply chassis

EPC chassis with EXM slots:

Warning! Some EPC chassis are incompatible with other modules or carriers. Please read the documentation from Radisys. Do NOT assume the EPC chassis is compatible in your application!

EPC-4 VMEbus embedded CPU module, 2 EXM slots
EPC-5 VMEbus embedded CPU module, 2 EXM slots
EPC-1005 (formerly EPC-5A)
EPC-6 VMEbus Controller, 1 EXM slot
EPC-7 VXIbus embedded CPU module, 3 -OR- 4 EXM slots
EPC-8 VME/VXIbus embedded CPU module, 2 slot model has 2 EXM slots
EPC-1008 (formerly EPC-8A)

Other Places

Universal Instruments
Pacific Scientific
Keysight / Agilent

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