XIRCOM Pocket Adapters

Notes on the Xircom PE3 (Pocket Ethernet 3)
Identifying your Xircom product (index, dead)
Linux Driver Attempt for PE3 / PE2 Ethernet (gave up in '97)

XIRCOM Pocket Adapters
PT3-16CTP Pocket Token Ring III Adapter
Power Supply Requirements

XIRCOM Pocket Adapters

P3270 Pocket 3270 Adapter
PA02B6-8K Pocket Arcnet Adapter

PA-2 Pocket Arcnet II Adapter
PE10Bx Pocket Ethernet Adapter

PE2 Pocket Ethernet II Adapter
PE3-10B2 Pocket Ethernet III Adapter

PE3-10BT Pocket Ethernet III Adapter

PEM-10BT Pocket Ethernet+Modem Adapter
PEPS Pocket Ethernet Print Server
PEPS2 Pocket Ethernet Print Server II
PET Pocket EtherTalk Adapter
PPX Parallel Port Multiplexor
PPX-02 Parallel Port Multiplexor II
PPX-03 Parallel Port Multiplexor III - more info HERE

PT04B3-128K Pocket Token Ring Adapter
PT2-16B3 Pocket Token Ring II Adapter

PT2-16BT Pocket Token Ring II Adapter

PT3-16CTP Pocket Token Ring III Adapter

PT3-16CTP Pocket Token Ring III Adapter

Install PT3-16CTP

With system OFF, plug Pocket adapter into parallel port. The Xircom logo and LEDs must be on top. Rotate the red band (tractor grip) clockwise until the screws are secure. When the screws are tight, the band will "click" as you rotate it.

Install Phantom Power Cable

Power system OFF. Ensure Pocket Adapter is attached to parallel port. Insert L shaped plug into Pocket Adapter. Plug pass through power connector into PS/2 port. If you need to, plug your mouse into the pass-through connector.
Note: Use only mice on the pass-through connector. Other devices may blow the fuse on the planar.

Note: The mouse port on the L40SX is not compatible with the phantom power cable.

Install Wall-Mount AC Adapter

PTPS Pocket Token Ring Print Server
PTPS2 Pocket Token Ring Print Server II

Pocket Ethernet Adapter Power Supply Specifications

This applies to: Xircom(R) Pocket Ethernet II / III Adapter

Below are the power requirements for our Pocket Adapters:
Input Voltage: 120 VAC/60 Hz
Output Voltage: 12 VDC unregulated, 500 mA

The Pocket Ethernet Series adapters require 12 VDC unregulated, center positive, capable of supplying the following current:

PE2-10B2 uses.......500 mA
PE2-10BT uses.......300 mA
PE2-10BX uses.......600 mA
PE3-10B2 uses.......300 mA
PE3-10BT uses.......300 mA
PE3-10BX uses.......600 mA

An AC adapter putting out 500 mA will usually work with any of them.
(Ed. Note that the -10bx adapters are 600 mA, must be trying to power both interfaces?)

The odd cable for the PE III adapters takes the power from the PS/2 port. This doesn't strike me as all that smart, as the adapters use from 300-600 mA. The TR models can't use the L40SX mouse port, too high of a power draw.

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