Upgrading the Type 1 Complex

486 Interposers and Upgrades

Intel DX4-100 Upgrade

Intel DX4-100 Upgrade

This is a *TRUE* 50 MHz Type 1 complex, which originally was designed to run a 486DX-50 and came as an option from IBM. There are not likely to be many samples of these units around; Peter acquired this complex sans CPU from Charles Lasitter by way of our Ardent-guy Louis Ohland. The FRU on the complex is 92F0048 and it is IBM Option item 6450757. Keep in mind that this is a Type 1 complex designed to run at 50 MHz!

Since the complex did not have the original 486DX-50 processor when it came into Peter's possession, Peter opted to install a replacement processor that would add some nice performance. This was done by installing a 486DX4-100 mounted atop a Reply Co. Interposer set to 2X clocking. Not satisfied with any wimpy heatsink setups, Peter added impressive cooling to the processor by slicing a Pentium-II heatsink into two (50-50 - right in the middle) and clipped one half of it to the CPU using the original P-II brackets. Peter says that in order to "make things better (looking)" he even installed the oversized P-II cooling fan on top.

Take a gander at this impressive Type 1 complex

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