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Enter SCU
  During boot, right after "Autodetecting IDE Devices" the SCU prompt will come up for maybe 5-10 seconds (you snooze, you loose). The exact prompt is "<CTRL+ALT+S> to enter System
 Configuration Utility." 

Menu Options
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   Date and Time   
   Boot Device      A or C
   Cache System   Disable, L1 Enabled (not a choice in BIOS 1.25), Write Thru
   Color Scheme   Default, Alternate, Monochrome, Inverse Mono

   _Internal FDC   Yes / No
   Diskette Drive   None, 1.44MB, 2.88MB
   IDE Settings      Multiple Sector Mode Yes / No
   _Boot Sector    Change Possible boot sector write protection?

   Com Ports
      ComA (DE9 Port) None, Com1 (3F8-IRQ4), Com2 (2F8, IRQ3)
      ComB (DE9 on Cradle) None, Com1 (3F8-IRQ4), Com2 (2F8, IRQ3)
      Com3 (internal modem) IRQ 4 or IRQ 11
      Com4 (wireless modem) IRQ 3 or IRQ 10
   LPT Port (Standard, PS/2, EPP, ECP)
      Port Address None, 378h/IRQ7, 378h/IRQ5, 278h/IRQ5, 3BCh/IRQ7
         Port Definition for 3BCh  Standard AT (Centronics), Bidirectional (PS-2)
         Port Definition for 378h or 278h  Standard AT (Centronics), Bidirectional (PS-2)
                Enhanced Parallel (EPP), Extended Capabilities Parallel (ECP)
         EPP/ECP Version  v 1.7 or v 1.9 (available for 378 / 278 addresses only)
   _Keyboard Numlock 
   Keyboard Repeat  Repeat Rate (typematic), Key Delay
   ISA Expansion  Huh? External slots?

   Enable Power Sharing Yes / No (If No, the Standby and Suspend Options are unavailable)
   Standby Control  Disk Timeout (Disabled to 5min), Backlight Timeout (Disabled to 15min)
      Com1 Timeout (Disabled to 15min), CPU Doze Throttle (Enable/Disable)
  Suspend/Resume Control  Suspend Timeout (Never - 30min)
      Low Gas Guage Warning (0-25%)
      Suspend on Low Battery (Yes/No)
      Suspend on AC Power (Yes/No)  Allow automatic suspending while on external power.
      Resume on RTC Alarm (Yes/No)
         Resume Hour (0-23)
         Resume Minute (0-59)
      Resume on Radio Modem (Yes/No)  Com1 ring always causes resume.The internal modem
         cannot because it is powered off or suspended)

   Exit (No Save)
   Save and Reboot
   Default Settings
   Factory Settings
   Version Info

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