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XC95TOOLS ver 308
Pen Services for Win95 ver 2 
Xcpb125.exe  BIOS v.1.25 for XC-6250 (200MHz or less)  readme.txt
BIOS127.exe  BIOS 1.27 for XC-6250 (Thanks to Andy Blakely!)
BIOS 1.19      BIOS 1.19 for XC-6000
Xcpmf001.exe  Modem Firmware v0.01 US firmware version for X-C 6250Z  readme.txt
WIN95Y2K.EXE  Win95Y2K Patch for DATE, DIR, and File Manager Y2KW95.TXT

XC 6250 Case
Key Combinations
   Power On / Off
   Numlock / Insert
   Move on Screen
   Access System Configuration Utility (aka BIOS)
      Boot from Accurite Travel Floppy
   Use External Monitor
      Select LCD/Both/CRT under W95
Using Touch Screen
   Calibrate Touch Screen
Indicator Lights
Connect Mouse
   Enable Comm Port
Clean Cradle Contact Pins
Use Internal Modem

XC 6250 Case


  On my 133MHz unit, there is no Headset Port.

Keyboard Basics

  On the mobile computer, you must press the FN key in combination with other keys to perform various tasks. These keys are labeled with the command inside a box. For example, to turn on the computer, press FN+ON (FN+SPACEBAR). 

On / Off 
FN+SPACEBAR Turn the computer on FN+ON
FN+OFF  Turn the computer off 

FN+F1 Backlight on / off  (backlight is always on for color displays)
FN+F1  Toggle MaxBright on / off  (Only on 10.4" color display)
FN+F2  Dim the display backlight 
FN+F3  Brighten the display backlight 

FN+F4  Lighten display contrast (Not active on 10.4" color display)
FN+F5  Darken display contrast (Not active on 10.4" color display)

Speaker Volume
FN+F6  Decrease the volume 
FN+F7  Increase the volume 

NUMLOCK / Insert
FN+F12 Toggle NUM LOCK on and off FN+NUM LK
FN+INSERT  Toggle Insert mode on and off 

Move On Screen
FN+PGUP  Move up one screen 
FN+PGDN Move down one screen 
FN+HOME  Move to the beginning of a line 
FN+END  Move to the end of a line 

Restarting Computer
Caution! You can restart your computer; however, restarting the computer while you are running applications or while you are working in Windows may corrupt files. 
CTRL+ALT+DEL Reboot the computer 
Hold down both mouse buttons for at least ten seconds and then release the buttons. Reset the computer

Access System Configuration Utility (SCU or commonly called "BIOS")
Press CTRL+ALT+S as soon as the following appears: "<CTRL+ALT+S> to enter System Configuration Utility."

Boot from Accurite Travel Floppy
   Finally figured it out. Laptops4students was selling these, and I picked one up. This is a combo PC Card (Passport Card) and external floppy. The web page is HERE .

   Insert the Passport Card Without the Cable Attached!

  From the instruction sheet from Laptops4students-  Now after POST, you will see:
Accurite Technologies, Inc.
Travel Floppy Boot v. 1.0.1
Connect Drive Cable and Insert Diskette
Press Any Key to Start Booting (Ed. where is Any key? Next to Alt?)

  Plug in the cable to the external floppy ( hint, have the silver side of the plug facing up). Have the bootable floppy in the drive. The screen will display

BUSY Loading Operating System

If the external floppy is connected to the Passport Card during boot, you will be unable to boot from the floppy, but it will still work normally for everything else.

· Monochrome:  8.2" VGA or a 10" SVGA, 64 shade gray scale screen
· Color:  8.4" 640 x 480 or a 10.4" 800 x 600 pixel resolution
· Touch screen:  a resistive analog matrix with 1000x1000 pixel resolution (154x204 dpi). 

Using an external monitor
   The "Display Selection" feature allows you to switch between the computer display, an external monitor, or both as the active display. To use an external monitor, first connect the monitor cable to the 15-pin video port on the back of the computer. (Ed. I think this is under W95 only. The POST does not display on my external screen.) 

To select a display Under W95
1. Start>Settings>Control Panel>Display>"CHIPS" tab. 
2. Select one of these options:
 "CRT" to use the external monitor
 "LCD" to use the computer display
 "Both" to use both displays
3. Choose OK.
4. Choose OK again when the display change message appears.

Using the Touch Screen
· Always use an approved stylus.
· Never use sharp, hard, or abrasive implements on the touch screen such as ball point pens, pencils, or keys. They could damage the screen.
· To clean the touch screen panel, apply a household glass cleaner to a soft, clean, dry cloth and wipe the screen.

Calibrate Touch Screen
If you cannot select objects accurately with the pen, you may need to recalibrate the touch screen.

To calibrate the touch screen
Control Panel>Pen>General>Align Now button.
Follow the instructions on the screen to calibrate the touch screen.

Indicator Lights

On/Off light  On when you turn on computer; blinks with low battery.
External power light On when external power is connected. Blinks while external power supply is charging battery and remains on when battery has completed charging.
Disk activity light Comes on when HD is spinning or processing data.
Radio on/off light  If you have a radio modem, this comes on when the radio modem is powered on. When computer is off, the light blinks if a message is waiting.

Connecting an external mouse
1. Connect the mouse to the serial port on the back of the computer.
2. Start Menu>Control Panel>Settings>Mouse. 
3. Select the General tab>Change.
4. Under "Manufacturers," select the appropriate mouse you intend to use.
5. Under "Model," select the appropriate model.
6. Choose OK.
7. Close all windows and then enable the communication port.

Enable the communication port
1. Start Menu>Shut Down>"Restart the computer."
2. Press Ctrl+Alt+S when "<CTRL+ALT+S> to enter System Configuration Utility" appears.
3. Select Power menu option with Alt+P, select "Standby Control."
4. Press TAB to select COM1 Timeout, use/and down arrow keys to change to "Disabled."
5. Choose OK to save this setting.
6. Press Alt+X to exit the utility, then choose "Save and Reboot."
7. Choose OK to restart the computer.

Cleaning or replacing the cradle contact pins
  The contact pins on the vehicle cradle are exposed to contamination and stress when the computer is installed and removed from the cradle during normal daily operation. The pins were designed to be cleaned or replaced as required.

  If the pins become dirty, they can be removed and cleaned with an electrical contact cleaner or replaced. The power and ground pins are pins 3 and 8 respectively. When charging problems are encountered and replacement pins are not available, other pins in the contact assembly can be used to field fix the unit until replacement parts are available.

Note  Pin 8 on RF units is an RF connector and is not user replaceable. Contact your support desk for information about replacing this RF connector.

To remove and clean the contact pins
1. Hold down the protective plastic cover.
2. Grasp pin and pull straight up, be careful not to bend it during removal.
3. Clean pin with electrical contact cleaner and resintall it into contact assembly.

 If a pin is bent or cannot be cleaned, contact your organization's help desk to obtain a replacement pin.

Use Internal Landline Modem
   The modem is on COM3 and it can use either IRQ 4 or 11. Make sure COM3 IRQ is set correctly. Failure to do so may cause some communication programs to lock up. Use the SCU to View or change the IRQ setting.

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