iTronix XC 6250 AC Adapters

97-0040.pdf  X-C 6000/X-C 6250 Computer AC Power Adapters
97-0036.pdf   X-C 6000/6250 Computer Battery Memory and Charge Parameter Messages

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Barrel Connector
Battery Pack
   Battery Pack Circuit
     DS2434 PCB Circuit
   Tab Alignment Between Cells #4 and #5
   Tabbed Batteries for Replacement
   Replacement Cell Success (so far)

50-0043-00x 12v DC

50-0043-001 Phihong 2.5 A (For X-C 6000 ONLY) (Replaced by 50-0043-002)
50-0043-002 Phihong 2.5 A  (For X-C 6000 ONLY )

50-0059-002 12v DC


50-0059-002 Potrans 3.6 A (For XC 6000 and 6250)
(Replaced by 50-0059-003)

50-0059-003 12v DC


50-0059-003 LIEN 3.6 AMP
Works with the X-C 6000 and 6250.

Barrel Connector
   The split pin design was chosen for more positive connection
Center positive. 12vDC

Battery Pack
  Thanks to Andrew C. Blakely for getting me to finally pop one open... 

  I bought an extra pack off ebay, knowing that it was only 1900mAH, and probably in bad shape. I tried charging it, but it started to leak acid, leaving white crystal deposits on the outside of the pack. Prime candidate for disassembly... I used a pair of Channel Locks to crack the seams, then a knife to (slowly!) pry the halves of the pack open.

Battery Pack Circuit

DS2434 PCB Layout

B Ground lead
C1 SMD capacitor
R Positive lead (to cells 4 & 5)
R1 SMD resistor, 301
R2 SMD resistor, 121
TVS1 Uh...MOSFET??? M12
W Data
VDD Supply voltage
DQ Input/Output data
GND ground

Note: This is for entertainment purposes only! If you open your Itronix battery pack, YOU are responsible for any damage or loss resulting from your actions! I am not in any way linked to itronix, nor is itronix responsible for damages or losses if you try to open your battery pack.

Tab Alignment Between Cells 4 and 5

  Please note that all other tabs are attached dead center, while the tab between #4 and #5 is offset and sticks out so the red lead can be attached to it. Length of the tab to include extension for red lead is 1.38" (@ 36mm), amount bent over battery is .33" (@ 9mm).

Battery Pack Components for 1900mAH Battery
Dallas DS2434.  DS2434 Data Sheet
Six batteries,
VSE 4/3 A
1.2V - 1.9A charge 190mA x 16 hours

   I guess that a 4500mAH pack would take 6 1.2v 4500mAH batteries. Please make sure you use the AC Adapter 50-0059-002 or 50-0059-003 to charge the 4500mAH pack. These AC adapters can handle 3.6A 

Tabbed Batteries for Replacement
The Battery Station,in Ottumwa, Iowa has Nicad and Metal Hydride Batteries
HR-4/3FAUX Sanyo 4/3A 18x67mm, NiMH Flat Top 4500mah $5.50 (Actual cell width on 1900mAH batteries is 17mm, BUT Andy Blakely used the 18mm diameter cells and it fits).
For packs up to 10 cells, just add $5 to the total cell cost per pack. Style 24 (two sticks with 3 cells). Still working on the easiest way to order these- you'll see what I mean, read below...

Replacement Cell Success (so far)
Andrew C. Blakely wrote:
   I have some good news.  I got my assembled batteries from  And when I say assembled, I mean ASSEMBLED.  They not only put the cells together, but also shrink-wrapped both rows of cells in white plastic, glued them together with a bead of hot glue, and then wrapped the whole pack in black shrink-wrapping.  I'll show you some pictures after
I pull them off my camera.  After the agonizing process of stripping all the shrink-wrapping off, I realized that these Sanyos are the same green with black letters "Japan 4500mah" as my originals!  I carefully took the do-dads off the original cell and connected them to my new pack.  I didn't have any soldering tools or other ideal ways to connect the wires, so I just used electrical tape on the red wire, and crimped the tabs together tightly with needle-nose pliers.  I hated doing it this way, but the connections worked and I was too excited to wait and borrow tools.

   Plugging the new battery pack into my xc6250 was the scariest part - by FAR! Without external power, I connected it and immediately all the lights flashed on & off (and everywhere in between), and a whining sound escaped through the pc speaker!  (Ed. I think this could be a low battery alarm) Of course, I ripped the pack back out in fear that I just destroyed the computer!  Tried again, and the same thing happened. Plugged external power in, booted into Win95 just fine, opened Battery Maintenance, and hesitantly plugged the thing in (expecting an explosion or house-fire).... BOOM!  It worked.  *smile*  It even detected the battery's serial number, temperature, gas guage at 0%, the rating of 4500mah, EVERYTHING worked.  So I started a deep cycle charge.

Read about the DS2434 below. I believe you can reprogram the DS2434 with BT0703.BP, look in 97-0036.pdf  X-C 6000/6250 Computer Battery Memory and Charge Parameter Messages.

DS2434 Trivia
  "the DS2434, features an ID code that the user can define so his supporting electronics can identify that battery pack as one of his. The DS2434 removes the requirement for a thermistor in the battery pack because it features a direct-to-digital thermometer to allow for self-discharge calculations based on the environment to which the battery has been subjected. The final core feature of the DS2434 is on-chip non-volatile memory to allow the designer to carry around vital
data such as gas gauge levels, warranty information, lot codes, etc. in the battery pack.

Known Problems in XC95TOOL Version 308
   Do not run the Battery Maintenance application on units that have 80C552 firmware version 0.04 or less. Doing so will cause the battery pack to have decreasing capacity.

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