Memory Expansion Adapters

Cumulus CuRAM

Hyperram MC32/16

1-8MB 286 Memory Expansion (30 pin)
2-8MB Memory Expansion, 16-bit (72 pin)
2-8MB 386 Memory Expansion Adapter, 32-bit (72 pin)
2-14MB Enh 386 Mem Expansion (FDDF Old, New, and FDDE)
0-6 MB 386 Memory Expansion Adapter (uses modified Model 80 planar memory cards)

Intel Above Board MC, MC32, 2 Plus

PS or MC64
KTM 609/II
KTM 8000/286 and /386 (sold as KTM 3011 and KTM 3077)
KTM-16000/386 ("MAGIC RAM", sold as KTM 3011 and KTM 3077)
Kingston Memory for IBM Systems (archived)

Ramquest Extra 16/32

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