Japanese SVGA Adapter

@917A.ADF SVGA-CL28 Adapter/A (original Japanese ADF)
@917A.ADF SVGA-CL28 Adapter/A (modified English ADF)

Win9x/NT have built-in drivers.
Win9x built-in driver can detect 2 MB of VRAM and provides 1024 x 768 16-bit mode.
NT4 driver detects only 1 MB even if additional VRAM has been installed.

84G7129 SVGA-CL28 Adapter/A BIOS (26-May-1994)
   "CL-GD542X VGA BIOS Version 1.41"

Cirrus GD542x SVGA Adapters

CL5428 SVGA/A Adapter
Circuit around GD5428 and LM334
Memory Upgrade
ADF Sections

CL5428 SVGA/A Adapter P/N 84G7001, FRU 84G7001 [P] [P] | [P]

Originally equipped in PS/55 Model 5521-YSB/YWB. Not available as an OBI.
Silkscreened "IGH0879BA SVGA CARD".

U1 CL-GD5428-80QC-A
U6 PALCE22V10H (dated 3/4/94)
U7,8 TC514260BJ-70 or compatible
U9,10 VRAM Solder pads
U2 ROM BIOS 84G7129
U11 LM334 Current Source
C15 Capacitor 10/25A/40B ?
J1 Video Connector (HD-15)

U2 M5M27C256AFP OTP ROM (soldered) BIOS 84G7129

U7,8 Following chips are used on the Japanese SVGA adapters:
   Micron MT4C16257DJ-6
   NEC 42S4260-70
   Toshiba TC514260BJ-70
   Hitachi HM514260DJ-6
   OKI M514260ASL-70J

Circuit around GD5428 and LM334 (by T. Sunagawa)

This adapter is "Flicker Free" (the current source capacitor C15 is installed with the correct polarity).

Compare with the 1MB Short SVGA (US/EMEA).

Memory Upgrade (2 MB)

This adapter can be upgraded to 2 MB of video RAM (soldering required).

Pin 14 of each unpopulated DRAM chip is already connected to pin 141 of U1 (CL5428) through 100 ohm resistor R26 (Reply Video Board uses 33 ohms resistor for this connection).

AdapterId 917A SVGA-CL28 Adapter/A

      mem 0c0000h-0c7fffh

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