7694 Temperature, Light & pH (TLp) Module

Temperature, Light & pH (TLp) Module 57F7925
    Standard Temperature probe 84F9106
    Extended Temperature probe 84F9107
    Radiometric probe 57F7930 (Watts per meter2)
    Photometric probe 57F7929 (lux)
    Temperature/Light Extension Cable PSL7100
    pH probe 57F7928

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Temperature, Light & pH (TLp) Module 57F7925

A high-resolution interface module that supports the three most commonly used classroom probes: temperature, light and pH. This module supports up to three temperature or light probes and one pH probe.

Temperature Probes (TLp module)

When used with the TLp module, these probes can measure temperature with 0.05° C resolution and 1° C accuracy. The probes feature a solidstate current output temperature sensor, 1.5 meter cable, come pre-calibrated and are waterproof

Standard Temperature Probes 84F9106 (TLp module)

A fast 0.14 second (in water) time constant with a temperature range of -40 to 105°C. For use in air, water or other non-corrosive liquids.

Extended Temperature Probe 84F9107 (TLp module)

Jacketed in a stainless-steel tube with a Teflon cable for use in harsh environments over an extended temperature range of -55 to 150°C. Time constant in water is 1.2 seconds.

Light Probes (TLp module)

When used with the TLp module, these probes deliver precalibrated, high accuracy light measurements using a solid state photodiode with no light hysteresis, minimal temperature sensitivity and full range linearity. The probes feature a multi-functional package that provides a 1/4-20 tripod mount, flat mounting surfaces and a 1.5 meter cable. The probes are waterproof. Both light probes include 5 filter holders for implementing custom attenuators or response curves.

Radiometric Light Probe 57F7930 (TLp module)

A response curve that extends from 400 to 950 nm and calibrated to measure light intensity in Watts per meter2 . Intensity range is 0 to 100 W/m2 with a resolution of 0.001 W/m2 .

Photometric Light Probe 57F7929 (TLp module)

A response curve that closely matches the human eye, and calibrated to measure light intensity in lux. Intensity range is 0 to 100,000 (bright sun) lux, spectral range of 400 to 700 nm and a resolution of 1 lux.

Temperature/Light Extension Cable PSL7100 (TLp module)

Adds 10 meters to the reach of your temperature and light probes. Perfect for outdoor experiments performed from indoors, or anything else you would like some distance from. Up to thirty extensions (yes, that’s 300 m) may be connected in series.

pH Probe 57F7928 (TLp module)

A solid-state pH probe that uses an EPA-approved method and provides a fast response, easy storing probe in an unbreakable package. Built-in temperature sensing allows simultaneous measurements of pH and temperature. The probe requires very small amounts of samples for measurement and is ideally suited for micro-chemistry or measuring solids such as soil. The pH range is 0 to 12 pH with a resolution of 0.01 pH. Accuracy is 0.02. Normal life is approximately one to three years.

It uses an Ion Selective Field Effect Transistor (ISFET), with built-in temperature sensing and compensation, giving it excellent long-term stability for extended time measurements. The probe provides temperature compensated readings from 1° C to 60° C. Temperature and pH can be displayed simultaneously.

The MultiFunction pH Probe uses a high-grade polymer in the tip, rather than glass, which allows for more rugged use--dropping and rough handling have no ill effects. The probe can be used with non-liquid substances such as soil, peanut butter, jelly, etc., and can even be inserted into a piece of fruit. The probe is easily cleaned with a toothbrush.

The MultiFunction pH Probe is solid state, using an EPA-approved method, and stores in an unbreakable package. The probe requires very small amounts of samples for measurement and is ideal for micro-chemistry or measuring solids. It can measure the pH of a single drop of a substance. Normal life is approximately three to five years.

Rugged, non-glass, solid-state electronics with fast response time
Simple one-point calibration
Two-point calibration for increased accuracy
Dry storage, no buffer solution required to protect probe
Clog-resistant based sensor for easy cleaning with a toothbrush
Separately readable thermistor for automatic temperature compensation
Tests everything from liquids to semi-solids

Range:    0pH to 14pH
Accuracy: 0.02 pH for one-point, 0.02 pH for two-point
Resolution: 0.01pH
Time constant: 0.7 second
Temperature range: 1° C to 60° C
Temperature accuracy: +/- 0.5° C
Resolution: 0.25° C
Cable Length: 1.5m

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