Reference Material & Links

PDF Documents (HMM, TR, HITR, schematics, brochures, etc.)
IBM INF Documents (ServerGuide, IBM PC Assistant, etc., Online INF Reader)
PS/2 BOO Documents (HMR, HMS, RETAIN tips, etc.)
PS/2 Technical Specifications (Specs and options, HTML)
Patents (Various PS/2 and MCA-related patents)
Technical Disclosure Bulletins (A list of PS/2 and MCA-related TDBs)
Other Documents (PS/2 FAQ, PS/2 Ref., IBM FTP PCCBBS Contents)
Magazine Articles and Advertisements (Magazine scans, selected pages only, PDF)
Personal Systems Magazine (PS magazine scans, PDF)
Literature (Micro Channel books, list only, no scans)
Technical Information Catalog (PS/2 and other PC products, list only, no files)
Processor Documentation (Intel, AMD, Cyrix, IBM, IDT, etc., 8086 - Super7)

Electronic Pocket Reference Manual ("EPRM" - parts lists, FRU P/Ns, etc.)

External Links (PS/2 and MCA oriented sites, etc.)
Media Links (Photos, YouTube videos, etc.)
Link Graveyard (Dead but possibly still useful links, archive links)

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