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   2016 – 2019

Existing Content

This website features content from the original Ardent Tool by Louis Ohland. In addition, it includes material from many other PS/2 and MCA-oriented websites. Namely:

Credit for the original content goes to the respective authors listed above. Thank you guys!

Aside from these major contributions, many other pages and resources were merged with the Ardent Tool. You should always find the name of the original author either directly on the page in question, next to the link that leads to it, and/or in the global changelog below.

If you are one of the original authors and you can't find your name anywhere, want to request some edits or content removal, please don't hesitate to contact us.

All direct email links present on these pages were either removed or replaced by an email form to avoid spam and email address harvesting. If you want to contact one of the original authors, please use the link that points to their website and look for contact information there, or contact us and we will point you in the right direction (if possible).

The website also contains various documents - such as technical references, brochures, patents, articles from various computer magazines, etc. Authors of these materials are either named explicitly on the page from where they can be accessed and/or are named directly in the material itself.

New Content

The MAD Edition also features a large amount of new content created by me - Tomáš Slavotínek. This includes technical explanations, tutorials, various text notes, board outlines (TS signature), schematics and other illustrations, pinouts, reverse-engineering and measurement results, hardware modifications, and more.

Many of the pre-existing pages from Louis Ohland and other authors were modified, moved, merged, or separated. Page changes range from simple typo corrections to complete overhauls. Some of the illustrations, tables, and other content were completely reworked. The main index and most sub-index pages were redesigned from a scratch to make navigation easier.

Despite all these changes we are trying to keep all existing external links alive by adding redirects and/or rewrite rules where needed. This includes links pointed to the original location of the Ardent Tool on Kevin Bowling's server.



13 Sep 2021

05 Sep 2021

   [1] Outline and part ID by Tomáš Slavotínek
   [2] Scans by Tomáš Slavotínek
   [3] Photo from vogons user Anonymous Coward
   [4] Photos and floppy images by David Beem

28 Aug 2021 – 31 Aug 2021

   [1] Outline and part ID by Tomáš Slavotínek, additional part ID by David Beem
   [2] Photos and ROM dumps by David Beem
   [3] Photos from ebay seller "pcheaven201"

16 Aug 2021 – 19 Aug 2021

   [1] Outline and part ID by Tomáš Slavotínek, additional part ID by David Beem
   [2] Photos by David Beem
   [3] Scans by Tomáš Slavotínek

02 Aug 2021 – 10 Aug 2021

   [1] Photos and additional part ID by David Beem
   [2] Sourced from William Walsh's website HERE
   [3] Sourced from Wikimedia HERE and HERE
   [4] Disk imaged by David Beem
   [5] Disk imaged by Frank de Jong
   [6] Files sourced from William Walsh's PCCBBS archive
   [7] Photos from Tatsuo Sunagawa (Sandy)
   [8] Files sourced from Bitsavers

28 Jul 2021 – 31 Jul 2021

23 Jul 2021 – 24 Jul 2021

17 Jul 2021 – 19 Jul 2021

09 Jul 2021 – 16 Jul 2021

   [1] Photo from Wikimedia user "Raymangold22"
   [2] Sourced from William Walsh's website HERE
   [3] Article HTMLized by Louis Ohland, edited by Tomáš Slavotínek.
   [4] Photos from ebay seller "ctesales" (edited)
   [5] Translated from Japanese blog post by "akm" (original HERE)

27 Jun 2021 – 28 Jun 2021

22 Jun 2021

   [1] Photos from ebay seller "ctesales" (edited)
   [2] Article HTMLized by Louis Ohland, edited by Tomáš Slavotínek.

12 Jun 2021 – 16 Jun 2021

   [1] Photos posted by Vintage Computer Federation user "chulofiasco" (original HERE)

03 Jun 2021

  • ROM List & Bermuda - added Bermuda ROM image 39G3299 [1], minor tweaks
  • Other minor changes

   [1] ROM image dumped by David Beem

31 May 2021 – 01 Jun 2021

   [1] ROM/disk images dumped by David Beem
   [2] Photos/scans from David Beem
   [3] Disk images and photos by Alfredo Compiano
   [4] Photo borrowed from
   [5] Photo borrowed from (edited)
   [6] Photos borrowed from (edited)
   [7] Content by Louis Ohland, modified by Tomáš Slavotínek
   [8] Disk images from "Cathode Ray Dude"
   [9] Scans by Tatsuo "Sandy" Sunagawa, PDFs by Major Tom

10 Apr 2021 – 17 Apr 2021

  • Added 7552 Architecture
  • 7552 Index - added announcement letter files (thanks Louis!)
  • 7568 Common Devices - cleaned up, reorganized
  • 70/80 DLC2 Upgrade - cleaned up, added info about the BL utility files
  • ThinkPad 700 & 720 - added zipped refdisk/diags images, reorganized
  • 3151 ASCII Display Station - reworked, added new info & fixed CONSOLE.COM
  • Structural changes (redirects added to keep the existing links alive)
  • Corrected all links that were referencing the local storage or the old Ardent Tool URLs
  • Fixed many other broken links and recovered several missing files
  • Minor style and layout changes

06 Apr 2021

04 Apr 2021

01 Apr 2021 – 03 Apr 2021

28 Mar 2021 – 29 Mar 2021

  • Minor style and layout changes to improve readability and design consistency.
  • Fixed a few broken links

21 Mar 2021

08 Mar 2021 – 17 Mar 2021

  • Disk Collection - added Model 90 XP and 95 XP refdisks v1.02 (thanks Louis!)
  • Complex Sub-Model Matrix - corrected submodel IDs for the T1 Upg. 66 complex
  • Radius SVGA Multiview - added ROM image (thanks Lorenzo!)
  • Added a few more Patents
  • Removed some copyright/user agreement protected content (external links available)
  • Type 4 Complex - added schematic of the address mux circuit, other minor tweaks
  • Processor Complex Pinout - added multiplexed signals
  • 486SLC2 CPU Upgrade
    • Added outline and info about the SLC2 upgrade for Model 50Z
    • Added photos of the IBM [1] and Kingston [2] SLC2 upgrades for Model 50Z
    • Added Kingston manual for the various SLC2 upgrades
  • Other minor changes (incl. style tweaks)

   [1] Photos from Vintage Computing Wiki user "Netfreak" (link)
   [2] Photos provided by Alexander Paterakis

24 Feb 2021 – 05 Mar 2021

   [1] BIOS images provided by David Beem
   [2] Scanned by David Beem, OCR'd by Tomáš Slavotínek.
   [3] Photo from ebay seller "predator_666" (edited)

21 Feb 2021

  • Implemented Contact/Feedback Form. Replaced all relevant "mailto" links.
  • Removed all other "mailto" links (except for the archived pages - PS/2 FAQs etc.).
  • Cleaned up and reorganized many RS/6000 pages, removed or merged duplicates.
  • PS/2 Documentation - OCR'd the 1991 "BIOS Interface Technical Reference" PDFs.

10 Feb 2021 – 16 Feb 2021

  • Refactored all "native" Ardent Tool pages (~1400!)
    • The header & footer sections are now generated based on the page metadata.
    • Website title and top-level navigation menu are now available from all pages.
    • All pages now share the same stylesheets and the same general structure.
    • Basic support for mobile devices and legacy browsers (WIP).
  • Cleaned up many more pages, fixed some broken links and missing files.
  • Adapter Picture Collection - reworked the JS code, removed the frame-based version
  • Model 90 Power - added Rev. "D" PSU info and photos (thanks Louis!) [1]
  • Added Comparing IBM's Micro Channel and Apple's NuBus [2]
  • DMQS Reader - added DMQSREAD sources [3], reworked the page
  • RS/6000 Documents - added PDF docs from bitsavers, cleaned up the page
  • Added MCA Transfer Procedures - Basic, Streaming & DMA Transfer [2]
  • Added MCA Interrupt Procedures [2]
  • Added local copy of 25 Years of the Model M [4]
  • Added hierarchical navigation menu and feedback link (all pages).
  • Moved PS/55 Overclocking to a separate page
  • 9585 K/N Planar - corrected the ref/diag disk links (thanks David!)
  • Disk Collection
    • Fixed 9553 diag. disk being labeled as a refdisk
    • Added 9553 refdisk image
    • Added 8533 refdisk images (12 and 16 MHz)
    • Added 9535/9540 starter disk image
    • Updated the page to use the DD Mmm YYYY date format
    • Fixed a few typos, other minor changes
  • Updated ref/diag disk section of all PS/2 pages. Added links to zipped images.
  • XGA Files - cleaned up, added SC update info (from the MC386 page)

   [1] Photos from ebay seller "batessurplus" (edited)
   [2] Article HTMLized by Louis Ohland, edited by Tomáš Slavotínek.
   [3] Sources written and provided by Peter Wendt.
   [4] Content by Chris McDonough. Recovered via

01 Feb 2021 – 06 Feb 2021

   [1] ROM dump by Lorenzo Mollicone

22 Jan 2021 – 29 Jan 2021

   [1] ROM dumps by David Beem
   [2] Photo from ebay seller "sold-sold-sold!" (edited)
   [3] Content created by William Walsh, modified by Tomáš Slavotínek
   [4] Content by Louis Ohland, modified by Tomáš Slavotínek
   [5] Scans by Tatsuo Sunagawa (Sandy)

06 Jan 2021 – 20 Jan 2021

   [1] Information extracted and patching done by Tomáš Slavotínek
   [2] Scanned by Derek Newland (original link)
   [3] Content by Louis Ohland, modified by Tomáš Slavotínek
   [4] Photos from ebay seller "elizabethole-0" (edited)
   [5] Photos from Tatsuo Sunagawa (Sandy)
   [6] Scans/photos/outlines/ROM dumps by Tomáš Slavotínek
   [7] Photo by Lorenzo Mollicone
   [8] Photos and ROM dumps by David Beem


Archived 2020 changelog HERE.

2016 – 2019

Archived 2016 – 2019 changelog HERE.

Content created and/or collected by:
Louis Ohland, Peter Wendt, William Walsh, David Beem, Tatsuo Sunagawa, Jim Shorney, Tim Clarke, Kevin Bowling, Tomáš Slavotínek, and many others.

Ardent Tool of Capitalism - MAD Edition! is maintained by Tomáš Slavotínek.
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