The IBM Personal Computer Hardware Technical Reference Catalog

Note: IBM no longer provides any of the documents listed here. Information provided for reference only.

This catalog lists the hardware technical reference manuals that contain the latest available technical information about IBM Personal Computer, Personal System/2 (PS/2), and ValuePoint systems and products. These manuals include general and system-specific information about AT-bus and Micro Channel systems, the basic input/output system (BIOS), and options and adapters.

Except where noted otherwise, these manuals are 5.5" x 8.5" loose-leaf or saddle-stitched. For manuals that do not include three-ring binders, a binder can be purchased separately (part number 6280115, form number S229-9606).

To order technical references, in the United States, call the IBM Software Manufacturing and Delivery Publications Support Center at 1-800-879-2755. Outside the United States, contact your local IBM dealer or agent for assistance with ordering technical references.

  • Common Interfaces for Micro Channel Systems
  • Architecture Information for Micro Channel Systems
  • System-Specific Information for Commercial Desktop Systems
  • System-Specific Information for Micro Channel Systems
  • AT-Bus Architecture and System-Specific Updates
  • Other AT-Bus System-Specific Technical References
  • Personal Computer System-Specific Technical References
  • ValuePoint Technical Information
  • BIOS Interface Technical Reference
  • Options and Adapters
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