Patents (PDF)

Collection of PS/2 and Micro Channel related patents held by IBM and other companies.

Gathered by Tomas Slavotinek and Louis Ohland.


Patent No.TitleSubject
EP0281999B1Data processing system with pluggable option card
EP0282637B1Computer system accepting feature cardsMCA adapters
EP0288607B1Computer system having a multi-channel direct memory access arbitration
EP0343768B1Microcomputer system incorporating a cache subsystem using posted writes
EP0343770B1Multi-bus microcomputer system with bus arbitration.
EP0402054B1Command delivery for a computing systemSCB
EP0419004B1Computer system with program loading apparatus and loading methodIBL/IML
EP0426330B1Enclosure for a computerModel 85/95
EP0434267A2Shared hardware interrupt circuit for personal computers.MCA
EP0468625B1Personal computer system with protected storage for interface and system utility programs
EP0472274A1Data processing apparatus having connectors to receive system components386SX/DX socket
EP0478119B1Personal computer system with interrupt controller
EP0479428A1Data processing apparatus for dynamically setting timings in a dynamic memory system
EP0508685A2Power-on control system for a computer.
EP0511769A1Method and apparatus for processing interrupts in a computer system
EP0656586A1Method and system for switching between a processor upgrade card and a planar processor
EP0661632A1Booting of operating systems in computers
US4118611Buckling spring torsional snap actuatorModel M K/B
US4692691Test system for keyboard interface circuit
US4890219Mode conversion of computer commands
US4901234AComputer system having programmable DMA control
US5004866Self-contained grounding stripModel 85/95 chassis
US5008829Personal computer power supplyModel 90/95 (and other)
US5021922Portable personal computerModel P70/P75
US5022077Apparatus and method for preventing unauthorized access to BIOS in a personal computer system
US5032952Pivoting power supplyModel 85/95 PSU
US5034917Computer system including a page mode memory with decreased access time and method of operation thereof
US5038142Touch sensing display screen apparatusTouchselect
US5038239Integrated electronic card-frame assembly for a rigid disk drive
US5038320Computer system with automatic initialization of pluggable option cardsPOS
US5043931Wrap test system and methodACPA?
US5045998Method and apparatus for selectively posting write cycles using the 82385 cache controller80386/82385
US5047898Deflectable contact for providing positive surface contact for shielding electromagnetic interference
US5051096Planar board support structureModel 85/95 planar
US5054360Method and apparatus for simultaneous output of digital audio and MIDI synthesized musicACPA?
US5063496Signaling attempted transfer to protected entry point BIOS routine
US5067041Apparatus for reducing electromagnetic radiation from a computer deviceModel 85/95 chassis
US5083931Device grounding spring
US5098175Removable guide apparatus for a rail-mounted device employed in a computerModel 85/95 chassis/DASD
US5100215Enclosure apparatus for retaining devices within a computerModel 85/95 chassis/DASD
US5109490Data transfer using bus address linesMCA: 64-bit streaming
US5109506Microcomputer system including a microprocessor reset circuit
US5119498Feature board with automatic adjustment to one of two bus widths based on sensing power level at one connection contactMCA adapters
US5125084Control of pipelined operation in a microcomputer system employing dynamic bus sizing with 80386 processor and 82385 cache controller80386/82385
US5128995Apparatus and method for loading a system reference diskette image from a system partition in a personal computer systemconv. partition, IBL/IML
US5129090System bus preempt for 80386 when running in an 80386/82385 microcomputer system with arbitration80386/82385
US5131082Command delivery for a computing system for transfers between a host and subsystem including providing direct commands or indirect commands indicating the address of the subsystem control blockSCB
US5136465Personal computer with tandem air flow dual fans and baffle directed air coolingModel 90
US5136713Apparatus and method for decreasing the memory requirements for BIOS in a personal computer system2-stage IBL/IML
US5138706Password protected enhancement configuration register for addressing an increased number of adapter circuit boards with target machine emulation capabilitiesPOS extension
US5142447Grounding apparatus for rail-mounted devices employed in a computerModel 85/95 DASD cage
US5146582Data processing system with means to convert burst operations into memory pipelined operations
US5162979Personal computer processor card interconnect systemProcessor Complex
US5170471Command delivery for a computing system for transferring data between a host and subsystems with busy and reset indicationSCB
US5170481Microprocessor hold and lock circuitry
US5175822Apparatus and method for assigning addresses to SCSI supported peripheral devicesSpock card edge?
US5175826Delayed cache write enable circuit for a dual bus microcomputer system with an 80386 and 8238580386/82385
US5185864Interrupt handling for a computing system with logical devices and interrupt resetSCB
US5187781Shared hardware interrupt circuit for personal computers
US5187792Method and apparatus for selectively reclaiming a portion of RAM in a personal computer system
US5191544Personal computer enclosure with shieldingModel 90
US5193161Computer system having mode independent addressing
US5193174System for automatically redirecting information to alternate system console in response to the comparison of present and default system configuration in personal computer systemModel 85/95 serial console
US5210875Initial BIOS load for a personal computer systemIBL/IML
US5214695Apparatus and method for loading a system reference diskette image from a system partition in a personal computer systemIBL/IML
US5226134Data processing system including a memory controller for direct or interleave memory accessingcomplex
US5230052Apparatus and method for loading BIOS into a computer system from a remote storage location
US5237676High speed data transfer system which adjusts data transfer speed in response to indicated transfer speed capability of connected deviceMCA: Streaming
US5237690System for testing adaptor card upon power up and having disablement, enablement, and reconfiguration optionsMCA: SLOTFLAG
US5241661DMA access arbitration device in which CPU can arbitrate on behalf of attachment having no arbiter
US5245615Diagnostic system and interface for a personal computer
US5265255Personal computer system with interrupt controller
US5280588Multiple input/output devices having shared address space
US5287460Bus interface circuit for dual personal computer architecture peripheral adapter board
US5287519LAN station personal computer system with controlled data access for normal and unauthorized users and methodC2 security
US5299315Personal computer with programmable threshold FIFO registers for data transfer
US5307482Computer, non-maskable interrupt trace routine override
US5325264Device for removing a direct access storage device from a personal computer
US5325492System for asynchronously delivering self-describing control elements with a pipe interface having distributed, shared memory
US5327531Data processing system including corrupt flash ROM recovery
US5327545Data processing apparatus for selectively posting write cycles using the 82385 cache controller80386/82385
US5329634Computer system with automatic adapter card setupPOS for ISA
US5341422Trusted personal computer system with identificationC2 security
US5353202Personal computer with shielding of input/output signalsModel 90 (and other)
US5355489BIOS load for a personal computer system having a removable processor cardModel 90/95
US5375084Selectable interface between memory controller and memory SIMMs
US5379342Method and apparatus for providing enhanced data verification in a computer system
US5379386Micro channel interface controllerMCA
US5381538DMA controller including a FIFO register and a residual register for data buffering and having different operating modesT3+ complex
US5381541Computer system having planar board with single interrupt controller and processor card with plural processors and interrupt directorProcessor Complex
US5388156Personal computer system with security features and methodC2 security
Computer system having dynamically programmable linear/fairness priority arbitration scheme
US5396597System for transferring data between processors via dual buffers within system memory with first and second processors accessing system memory directly and indirectly
US5410699Apparatus and method for loading BIOS from a diskette in a personal computer systemfloppy IBL/IML
US5420760Microcomputer enclosure with interrupted wedge locking arrangement and shielding linerModel 90 (and other)
US5432939Trusted personal computer system with management control over initial program loadingC2 security
US5432946LAN server personal computer with unattended activation capabilityremote pwr-on
US5446869Configuration and RAM/ROM control of PCI extension card residing on MCA adapter cardMCA/PCI
US5446898Method and apparatus for configuring and installing a loadable ABIOS device support layer in a computer system
US5450559Microcomputer system employing address offset mechanism to increase the supported cache memory capacity80386/82385
US5459842System for combining data from multiple CPU write requests via buffers and using read-modify-write operation to write the combined data to the memory
US5465357Method and apparatus for an automated dynamic load of an ABIOS device support layer in a computer system
US5469577Providing alternate bus master other publications with multiple cycles of bursting access to local bus in a dual bus system including a processor local bus and a device communications busGearbox
US5477242Display adapter for virtual VGA support in XGA native modeXGA
US5481709Method and apparatus for providing a modular ABIOS device support layer in a computer system
US5481724Peer to peer computer-interrupt handling
US5495611Method and apparatus for dynamic load of an ABIOS device support layer in a computer system
US5499378Small computer system emulator for non-local SCSI devices
US5504904Personal computer having operating system definition file for configuring computer system
US5504905Apparatus for communicating a change in system configuration in an information handling network
US5515474Audio I/O instruction interpretation for audio cardACPA?
US5530887Methods and apparatus for providing automatic hardware device identification in computer systems that include multi-card adapters and/or multi-card planar complexesPOS
US5537607Field programmable general purpose interface adapter for connecting peripheral devices within a computer system
US5539912Computer system having a selectable memory module presence detect information option
US5544334Micro channel bus computer system with IDE hard drive interfaceLacuna
US5553306Method and apparatus for controlling parallel port drivers in a data processing system
US5555373Inactivity monitor for trusted personal computer systemC2 security
US5557784Power on timer for a personal computer system
US5568611Unauthorized access monitorServer 95
US5574786Securing trusted personal computer system against unauthorized movementModel 56/57, Model 76/77
US5586327Extended initialization for personal data processing systemsIPL
US5634137Method and apparatus for updating system configuration based on open/closed state of computer housing cover
US5644729Bidirectional data buffer for a bus-to-bus interface unit in a computer systemT3+ complex
US5655106Personal computer with riser connector for expansion bus and alternate master
Real-time clock with extendable memory
US5680288Hot plugging of an adapter cardMCA
US5726922Assembly for removably connecting data storage devicesModel 95A RAID bay
US5732280Method and apparatus for dynamically assigning programmable option select identifiersPOS
US5742758Password protecting ROM based utilities in an adapter ROM
US5761533Computer system with varied data transfer speeds between system components and memoryT3+ complex
US5765008Personal computer with riser card PC and micro channel interface
US5826075Automated programmable firmware store for a personal computer systemflash update
US5873129Method and apparatus for extending physical system addressable memory
US5878256Method and apparatus for providing updated firmware in a data processing systemflash update
US5898857Method and system for interfacing an upgrade processor to a data processing systemCPU upgrade
US5980275Electronic circuit board interface mounting bracketMCA bracket
USD314195Front panel for a computerModel 95
USD339111Computer housingModel 85/95
USD362238Computer housingPC Server 500


Patent No.TitleSubject
US5321827Computer system with modular upgrade capability


Patent No.TitleSubject
US5111423Programmable interface for computer system peripheral circuit cardMCA interface chip

Chips and Technologies

Patent No.TitleSubject
US4991085Personal computer bus interface chip with multi-function address relocation pins

Future Domain

Patent No.TitleSubject
US5434516Automatic SCSI termination circuit
US5544326Interface and control circuit for regulating data flow in a SCSI initiator with multiple host bus interface selection18C50 (FD MCS-700 / IBM Patriot)
US5732223ASCSI host adapter with shared command and data buffer

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