Procom 55 SX Riser

@5108.ADF Procom Technology, Inc. PIRA 55

Procom 55 SX Pira Riser
Power Header Pinout
ADF Sections

Procom 55 SX Riser [P] [P]

Original image and Power pinout courtesy of Jerry Hogervorst

This puppy has an IDE controller built-in.

Power Header (P3)

-- Top of the riser --

AdapterID 5108 Procom Technology, Inc. PIRA 55

Adapter I/O Address Range
   I/O port address range of the adapter.
   <"1030h-1047h">, 3030h-3047h, 5030h-5047h, 7030h-7047h

Adapter Base Memory Address
   EPROM base memory address of the adapter.
   <"C8000h"  (C800-C9FF)>, CA00 (CA00-CBFF), CC00 (CC00-CDFF), CE000h (CE00-CFFF), D800 (D800-D9FF), DA00 (DA00-DBFF), DC00 (DC00-DDFF), DE00 (DE00-DFFF)

IRQ Level
   Interrupt Request Level for the adapter.
   <" IRQ 14">, 15, 10, 11

DMA Arbitration Level (Commented Out)
   The PIRA 55 uses the host DMA to transfer data.
     <"Level 5">, 6, 7, 0, 1, 3, 4

Fairness On/Off (Commented Out)
   The PIRA 55 adapter supports the Micro Channel Fairness feature.  When <ON>, the PIRA 55 will not participate in the next arbitration after the bus has been requested by another peripheral.  When <OFF>, the PIRA 55 will participate in all arbitrations.
     < "Fairness ON ">, Fairness OFF

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