Processor Complexes (for Models 90 and 95)

Processor Complex Index
Processor Complex Identification (outlines)

Adapters (for all systems)

Processors Cards (Processor upgrades, secondary processors, accelerators)

Upgrade Modules and Interposers (machine or socket specific)

CPU Upgrade Modules
386 Upgrades
486 Interposers and Upgrades
   PowerStacker 5x86 Upgrade
Pentium Interposers and Upgrades
   Madex Interposers for Socket 5 and 7 - English, German, Jumper Settings

Processor Documentation

Processor Documentation (Intel, AMD, Cyrix, IBM etc.) [!]
Intel 486 & 486 POD CPUID, S-spec & Steppings (by David Beem)
Pentium Processor Replacement (FDIV) Information
Cyrix Cx486 Family (by Tim O'Connor)
Cx486slc.exe Cache Enabler for Cyrix CX486SLC with 1 KB L1


CPU Type Encoding (middle digit of sub-model, by David Beem)

HALT! on Linux
i960CA vs. i960CF

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