EK-DEFPA-IN DEC FDDIcontroller/PCI Installation DEC FDDIcontroller/PCI DOS-based Distribution Diskette V2.90 DEC FDDIcontroller Network Management Tool V1.10 Full Kit

FDDI System Level Description The FDDI system, how it works, and the role of the individual components.
Fiber Distributed Data Interface Network Configuration Guidelines for connecting devices to an FDDI network, plus network configuration examples.
A Primer on FDDI: Fiber Distributed Data Interface (EC-H1580-42/92 07, Version 2.0)
This manual describes the features, topologies, and components of the FDDI LAN standard.

FDDI Adapters Technical Data (official website, archived)

DEC DEFPA-UB 54-22499

E4 MC68HC000FN16
E10 AM79865JC Physical Data Transmitter
E11 AM79866AJC Physical Data Receiver
E16 SC02PH019DH02 21-40779-02
E17,18 HY514260B JC-70
E20 DP83223V Twisted Pair Transceiver
E22 VLSI VY06780 21-34812-04
E24, 25 N28F001
E28 MC68848PV
E31 M5M44266-BJ
J3 Unk
J4 Port A - UTP (called MJ by DEC)
T1 Pulse PE-68517
T2, 3 TDK ZJYS-2
Y1 50.0000 MHz osc

DP83223 Twisted Pair Transceiver Datasheet
AM79865 / AM79866 Physical Data Transmitter / Physical Data Receiver Datasheet

Functional Components

The major components on the adapter are as follows:

  • 1 megabyte of packet memory
  • 68000 onboard processor
  • DMA control
  • 32-bit, 33 MHz PCI bus interface
  • FDDI interface chipset
  • IEEE address ROM
  • Onboard, nonvolatile memory for firmware storage

DC amps @ +5.0 V, 1.1 A - SAS UTP
DC amps @ +12.0 V, 0.1 A (maximum)
Bus loading - per PCI standard, Revision 2.0

PHY LED (Diagnostics)

Color Status Condition
Green On PHY connection complete
Green Blinking PHY connection in progress (or no cable attached)
Amber On If on after system boots, indicates port or Link Confidence Test (LCT) failure; retry loop
If on before system boots, indicates self-test failure
Green / Amber Blinking Alternating—(DEFPA-DA and DEFPA-MA only)
Port disabled by management or LED or adapter fails
  1. Turn on power to the computer and observe the PHY LED.
  2. Note the following events (within 10 seconds after the computer power is turned on):
    1. The PHY LED flashes green (three flashes) for approximately 1 second.
    2. The PHY LED turns off when the adapter passes the powerup self-test.
      A steady amber LED indicates a powerup self-test failure.

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