IBM Dual LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter.

@8FAA.ADF - IBM Dual LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter 
@8FAA.DGS - IBM Dual LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter Diagnostics
TRMDLS.EXE   Option/Diagnostic/Driver Disk   Dual LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter Instructions (*.boo file)   Dual EtherStreamer MC 32 Adapter Instructions
STRFLASH.EXE Flash Update Utility Diskette - Updated FDX microcode for DLS MC32.
NOTE: Do not flash MCA DLS in a 520. Pull MCA DLS from system and flash in seperate system. Flashing in the 520 CAN PERMANENTLY DAMAGE the microcode on the DLC.
STRS720.EXE Streamer Package for Server 720
Streamer Log Utility View message log maintained in flash memory

Dual Lanstreamer
Dual LANStreamer MC32 Error Codes  
ADF Sections

Dual LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter FRU 73G7140 / 73G5616 
P2  “Port B” RJ45 TR
P3  “Port A” RJ45 TR (RPL off of this port)
U14, 53   Bel/IBM 60G3157
U17, 106 73G7123 (adapter microcode)
U26, 51  IBM 73G2692
U30, 60   IBM 63G9811 MCA bus interface
U36, 42   AMD 73G1638
U37, 52   IBM 50G7028
Y1   40.0000 Mhz osc
Y2, 3  49G3198 / KF345A

U30, 60 – IBM 63G9811 (MCA bus interface, used on LANStreamer MC32, Auto LS MC32 and 8229 LAN bridge TR interface card)

U14, 53   IBM 60G3157 / Bel S556-3001-04  These puppies clean up signals, making them more "square".

I missed D1-D4, and D5-D8.

On the reverse side, there is an MCM6265CJ15 behind U51 and U26. That means there are two of them...

U13, U50 (reverse side) MCM6265CJ15 8K x 9 Bit Fast Static RAM datasheet 

(Image and text via William R. Walsh)

There are a lot of parts on this adapter. It has a fairly high component density.

Unlike the Auto Lanstreamer MC32, Lanstreamer MC32 and the 8229 bridge TR interface card, there are no status LEDs of any sort on this adapter card.

    If you use Windows NT 4.0 (workstation or server) with this adapter, you must use Service Pack 3 or higher. Microsoft decided they should count MCA slots differently than IBM did. As a result, IBM Streamer family adapters don't work out of the box on a fresh NT install. You will get "a device attached to the system is not functioning" messages in the system event log and the adapter will not come up.

I don't know if my adapter is halfway broken or not, but thus far only port B on mine works. I am presently investigating this issue to see if it can be resolved.

   If you do elect to update the microcode on your adapter, it may be a good idea to run your computer on backup power during the flashing process. I would also suggest cycling power to the system before you do the flash to be sure you are "starting fresh". 

      The  Dual LANStreamer MC 32 adapter has two ports that support data rates of 4 Mbps or 16 Mbps. You could use UTP on one port and STP on the other, likewise the data rates do not have to be the same for both ports. The Dual LANStreamer requires a 386 or better.
 NOTE: To do RIPL, you must use adapter's port A.

Dual LANStreamer MC32 Error Codes 

Error Codes:   The 8-digit error codes on the display panel is 0281nnx0, where: 

The first and last digit is always 0
281 is the decimal equivalent of the device ID
nn represents the type of error
x represents the slot number of the adapter in error. 

The values for nn are: 
85 Configuration Compare failure
90 Adapter Card Test failure
91 Open Phase Test failure
92 Computer problem
93 Transmit/Receive Test failure
99 General error.

Slot 8 Incompatability in 8595 and  9595 
A 00017100 (171) error occurs on POST (Power-On System Test). This problem may occur on 8595/9595 models xLx or xHx systems during the installation of any of the following adapters in micro channel slot 8: 
- IBM LANStreamer MC 32 / 16 
- IBM EtherStreamer MC 32 
- IBM Auto / Dual LANStreamer MC 32 
- IBM Dual EtherStreamer MC 32 

Fix (Pretty wild, eh?) 
Do not install any of the affected adapters in slot 8. Relocate any of the affected adapters to one of the other microchannel slots. 

ADF Sections AdapterId 08FAAh "IBM Dual LANStreamer MC 32 Adapter"

Adapter Data Rate
   This adapter can operate at 4 Mbps or 16 Mbps.  Autosense - adapter determines data rate, 16 Mbps data rate, and 4 Mbps data rate. (Ed. I recommend setting to 16Mbps if network supports it. Autosense may not correctly set ringspeed)
    < "Autosense">, 16 Mbps, 4 Mbps

Interrupt Level
   Interrupt that the adapter uses to interrupt the system unit.  Interrupt level 3 is preferred, but the adapter can operate on any of the four levels if necessary.  NOTE...If multiple Auto LANStreamer adapters are in the same system, they must all use the same interrupt level.
    <"Interrupt  3">, 2, 10, 11

Adapter I/O Address Range
   I/O address range of the adapter.  It uses two 256 byte regions on 1024 byte boundaries. For micro channel I/O cycles, this adapter is selected when the micro channel I/O address is within its respective 256 byte region. If more than one adapter is used in your computer, each adapter must be assigned separate I/O address ranges.
    <"1C00-1CFF & 2000-20FF">, "2000-20FF & 2400-24FF" and many more...

Remote Program Load Address Range
   The adapter's Remote Program Load (RPL) memory space is relocatable within M/C memory space. The memory space may be located on any 16K boundary from hex 000C 0000 to 000D C000.
    <"Disabled">, "C0000-C3FFF", "C4000-C7FFF", "C8000-CBFFF", "CC000-CFFFF", "D0000-D3FFF", "D4000-D7FFF", "D8000-DBFFF", "DC000-DFFFF"

Streaming Data Select
   The Adapter can work with / wo Data Streaming.  For best performance, select <Enabled>.
    <"Enabled ">, "Disabled" 

   Bus Arbitration Fairness controls whether the adapter shares the bus equitably with other devices or retains control of the bus as needed.  Under normal circumstances, select <ON>.
    <"Fairness ON ">, "Fairness OFF"

Arbitration Level
   This adapter uses 2 arbitration levels. If more than one adapter is used in your computer,  each adapter must be assigned separate arbitration levels.
    <"Level 8 & 9">, and more...

Parity Enable/Monitor Feedback
   This adapter can generate and check data and address parity.  It can also monitor slave device's Selected Feedback Return Exception signals during DMA operations.
    <"Parity OFF/Monitor OFF">, "Parity ON /Monitor OFF", "Parity OFF/Monitor ON ", "Parity ON /Monitor ON " 

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